Friday, April 13, 2018

Alabama bound...

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I will be visiting the quilters of Covington County Alabama tonight and spending the day with them tomorrow for a workshop. It's almost a 5 hour drive each way, so I'll be listening to a lot of books on CD!

In other news, I finished quilting another quilt on my new Amara last night and loved it! I did all free motion ruler work and would show a picture of it, but I'm not sure if this one is going to need to be a secret for a while. I HATE keeping secrets!! The good news is that now that I've lowered my foot and changed the type of needle I'm using, it went beautifully! No thread shredding or breaking, great tension on top and bottom, and mostly, it was just FUN!

I love quilting on my Amara (now that we've come to terms on a few things.) LOL But I just want to put another quilt on it and start quilting again right away! It's so addictive. I'm going to run out of quilt tops soon! If only there were a few more hours in the day!

I'll be home for three days next week before I leave for TX. I'll try to remember to take some photos to share!

Have a great weekend,


  1. Enjoy the trip.
    Regarding longarm needle issues: I am curious about the needle you had trouble with on your longarm. Did you change brands or sizes? Or did you just replace a possibly defective needle with the same product and size?


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