Sunday, April 15, 2018

Home Again and Gone...

It was a quick trip to Alabama for sure, but I packed in a lot of fun and laughs with the amazing quilters of Covington County. What beautiful weather I had for the 5+ hour drive on Friday, and such a fun time with the ladies and man at the trunk show that night. The welcome and kindness that they showed me is the best reminder of why I love my job.

 All day Saturday we had a fun workshop. It was ANYTHING GOES and they chose some simple patterns and a couple of more challenging ones as well. This cute new friend was happy with her progress! They all impressed me with their willingness to try new techniques and their hard work! Okay, they weren't working so hard that they forgot to have fun!

And this adorable quilter brought her original design quilt made from neckties to share with me. I had mentioned the night before that I had some neckties I was hoping to make into a quilt and she generously shared some awesome tips with me. Sometimes, I feel like I learn as much as I teach, and that right there says everything about the generous spirit of quilters everywhere!

I'm only home for three days before I head off to Texas, but I've gotten some more quilting done! I found a new use for my red snappers. LOL The edge clamps I bought turned out to be defective (and I just assumed it was user error!) So they got returned and I was overwhelmed by the suggestions of others on Facebook. I think I 'm going to order some clamp that were recommended, but until then, this is working great!

So I'm snuggling pups and enjoying my boys today, then dropping off my car tomorrow so it can get two new doors and a side panel (and a new windshield because I got a huge crack from a rock on Friday!) The fun never ends! Getting hit by an uninsured motorist takes longer for the paperwork, etc. I will be really glad to have my car back to good as new (hopefully!) by the time I get back from Texas.


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  1. Busy lady ! But I'm pretty sure you love that ! Enjoy friend !!


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