Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Home from Texas

I had such a nice time in Texas! The quilters of the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild of Beaumont were so delightful. I visited the week after their big quilt show so they were experiencing a bit of "quilt show hangover" as anyone who's put on a major quilt show knows how that feels! They were so kind and cheerful and fun to be around even though they were clearly exhausted.

I got to meet the one and only Anne, the creator of the Strip Stick, which I had just been demoing at Tiny Stitches during the Shop Hop. I had no idea I would be meeting her, and she couldn't have been nicer! While she is an experienced quilter, her sister is a newbie and we had fun encouraging her through her first set of quilted curves! What fun to meet both of them!

And my hostess, Susan (above with our little class angel) took such good care of me! She picked me up in Houston and had chocolate waiting for me! YUM. She also drove me around to all the places I needed to be, took me out to dinner, and drove me back to Houston when it was all over. She is originally from Toronto, so she had the cutest accent!

Our little angel, is the granddaughter of another quilter and she fit right in. So cheerful all day long, and she was so happy to visit with everyone. I was lucky enough to get some cuddles during lunch!

This version of Razzmatazz (from the book) will be for a baby girl. She's only making four blocks and will applique a border on it. How stinking cute will that be!?!

This super scrappy goodness will become a Crazy Daisy quilt (the cover quilt on the book).

Susan got lots of sewing done each day during the workshops, but as usual, I got so busy and distracted that I forgot to take photos! I really need to get better about remembering to do that!! I love her fabrics and colors. This is going to be gorgeous.

Upon returning home, I finished playing with these half tumblers (using my template available in the shop HERE). I cut these shapes using a jelly roll and some fat quarters. I am making samples for the new updated template (which includes two sizes and three variations).

One thing I've learning hauling lots of quilts all over the country is that they are heavy! I decided to use five different settings in one quilt...saves space and weight, and it's kind of fun! I'll be updating the shop once the samples are finished. You can purchase the tumblers now, and they will be the new templates, just old version pattern covers.

And this boy has been glued to me since I got home. He missed me something terrible it seems. He looked so depressed when I was leaving to go to the post office that I had to take him with me. LOL

And if you are local, you need to sign up for this class! This teacher is amazing and she will be at the shop for 3 days only! Don't miss it!!

It's good to be home. I'll be catching up on work at home (technical edits for the next book need to be reviewed) and I'll be at the shop on Wednesday and Friday. I miss my shop friends, it will be so good to see y'all again!

It's good to be home.
Enjoy every stitch,

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