Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Reading List

I liked this book and found the story interesting and unusual. The main characters are four girls who find each other in boarding school and become friends through their shared experiences. The story takes place 20 years later and they have to deal with the consequences of their teenage actions. I liked the book and story but I felt really bad for the main character's husband. He really deserved better.

Another laugh out loud hysterical novel to follow up the The Rosie Project. The main character has Asperger's and is so socially awkward that he constantly finds himself in situations that are both funny and tender. He is now married to Rosie and life is not at all predictable. He doesn't deal well with all of the surprises but hearing the perspective as told by the main character is so interesting. I highly recommend this as well as the first book. Actually, you really need to read the The Rosie Project first.

An historical novel that is told from the perspective of a daughter of a plantation owner during the civil war. It weaves the lives of the family, the slaves  and the awful realities of war together into page turner. I liked how the main character was both strong and determined but still obviously a woman of her time. It left me wanting to know more about the main character in her life after this novel. Maybe there will be a sequel?

Okay, I realize my reading list is ALL OVER THE PLACE this month. Totally different genres and styles, but I liked all of these books and would recommend all of them. 

Happy reading!

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  1. Happy reading! And happy Easter!

  2. I always like your tips and have found (for me) new authors and books here before and again now. Thank you.


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