Sunday, April 29, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets

Preorder book HERE.

Look what I found on Amazon yesterday! I just googled it to see if it was there and surprise! I have no idea when it appeared but it was quite exciting to see it listed for presale for the first time.

I am booking programs and workshops for 2019 featuring the quilts in this book.

I can't quite share the contents yet (I haven't seen them!) but I know it won't be long now. I only hate that we have to wait until December to get the book! It's such a long and painful process to create a book. I sent the quilts off to California LAST YEAR and have been waiting ever since. 

I know most guilds are booking (if they haven't already) programs for next year. If I have visited your guild in the past, this means there will be a new book and all new quilts, and perhaps a few surprises as well. 

Print out my class brochure HERE and bring it to your guild program chair. Or email my website to them. Please contact me as soon as possible because I am limiting my travel next year to two long distance trips per month. (I'm always available for local or driving trips.) I want to be at my best when I visit your group and I can't do that with jetlag. Just being realistic!

Now go preorder you book HERE please! The Knott family college fund greatly appreciates the support. 



  1. Congratulations! Super exciting

  2. That is very exciting! Love the cover!!

  3. Done. It will be a Christmas gift to ME!!! Congrats! VERY exciting!

  4. So happy for you! The cover alone is very YOU!


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