Monday, May 28, 2018

Arizona Quilting Design Inspiration

I noticed lots of cool designs while we were driving across Arizona last week. Some of the easiest to take photos of were the designs on the barrier walls along the highways. Do you see prairie points or flying geese?

These photos were taken along the highway from Phoenix to Tucson, so I had to try to catch them at full speed. LOL

I noticed how some are not permanent, like the one above. They are just different colors of gravel separated by black barrier material. Many of the designs were abstract.

Some of them were definitely depicting lizards, snakes or other animals.

And I especially loved how they would often have a symbol at the beginning or the end of the repeating designs. How cute is this snake? I never thought I would say that about a snake!

Some of the larger designs were hard to photograph. This has a repeating design reminded me of arms waving.

This one looks like a great design for machine quilting.

This one looks almost like a slanted version of a greek key design. There were lots more designs on over passes and along the ramp areas that I simply didn't get a good photo of. My husband drives faster than I can snap pictures. LOL

I just love finding quilting inspiration in unexpected places!



  1. Me too! Wonderful inspiration! You caught some great ones in photos!!

    1. There were even more I missed. But I just love how they took the time to create them. I wish we had something like that around here.

  2. Replies
    1. I almost got whiplash trying to see them all! I kept announcing them to the car and the kids were just rolling their eyes after a while. LOL

  3. What great designs! They would make a long drive more interesting.


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