Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Building Houses in Aiken, SC

I had full house of quilters at the Carolina Pine Quilters meeting on Monday night. I love how they have a wall of quilters from a featured quilter at their meetings. Doesn't it add a lovely backdrop to the room?

After the meeting I had the pleasure of staying at the home of the current president of the guild. Pat and her husband made me feel right at home! They were so kind and welcoming, I do hope I get a chance to visit them again!

Next to the room I stayed in, was Pat's sewing room. How awesome is this space? She has a big window that lets in plenty of natural light. This photo was taken with the overhead light turned off. She had already started building some of her houses before I arrived. She is making small quilts to give as gifts and making each one unique with embroidery!

Lucy had already built a fun neighborhood with bright fabrics, then sashed them with this awesome black and white dotted fabric. We talked about how Freddy Moran uses black and white to control her wild colors and we both want to be just like Freddy when we grow up! LOL

And look at this cute purple house under construction! This lovely lady had a collection of purple fabrics that I might have just been a little envious of. Good purples are so hard to find, but she had found them all!

And look at this cute little "greenhouse" with flowers in the window and door. Doesn't it make you smile?

And these yarn dyed fabrics made the most gorgeous rich color combinations. Love this house and I sure hope I get to see the whole quilt once it's finished!

We had fun laying out all of the blocks for the show and tell before finishing up for the day. For a half day workshop, I think these ladies go a lot of houses built in just a few hours! I really enjoyed my time visiting my new friends in Aiken, and driving through the beautiful little town.

Unfortunately, it poured rain so hard for almost two hours while driving home. I could hardly see the car in front of me. Ugh. So once I made it to Atlanta, I rewarded myself with a visit to Intown Quilters. I rarely leave a quilt shop empty handed and this visit was no exception. I found a few fat quarters that I couldn't live without.

I have a few days to recover before we leave for our family trip to Arizona. I think I just might quilt something!

Enjoy every stitch,


  1. May you always find good purples!

  2. What a wonderful show and tell. I can tell everyone had a great time. You included.


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