Sunday, May 6, 2018

Handi Quilter Training

I've mentioned it a few times that I was signed up to take three full days of Handi Quilter and Pro Stitcher training this weekend at Tiny Stitches. I have just returned from the training and here are my thoughts...

  • Susan Manry is a delightful, patient, kind and articulate teacher.
  • For the first time, I felt like I finally know enough about my longarm and Pro Stitcher that I actually understood 'most ' of what was being explained. It's a whole other lingo and language!
  • I LOVE working with rulers as much on my longarm as I do on my domestic, it's a transferable feeling even if the skills are not. LOL
  • I found out that playing with feathers is fun. I stink at it, but it's fun. And like anything else, it's skill that takes lots and lots of practice.
  • The intro to Pro Stitcher class is just my speed. I learned what quite a few buttons and functions do that I had just been avoiding until now. 
  • The more I learn about my Pro Stitcher, the more I realize that I will NEVER learn it all. It's an operating system with endless options. 
  • Apparently my face is very transparent, as Susan asked me more than once which part of the concept was I not understanding ( the answer would be ALMOST ALL OF IT! LOL)
  • I have more trouble trying to use the simulator on my laptop than I do the actual program on my longarm. Better than the other way around at least!
  • I am relieved that I learned several practical tips and steps for the things that continue to be my biggest issues (needle shredding and restarting after rolling the quilt forward.)
  • I'm never going to love playing with my Pro Stitcher as much as I love ruler work and free motion quilting...and that's OK. 
  • I'm not ready to go to the official training in Utah, I still have more to learn before I'm ready for that. That's good to know before I spend that much money and time.
  • I love the other folks who do this crazy thing called longarming. They are kind and helpful and encouraging and SO supportive. I only hope that one day I can have enough knowledge to help someone else. 

Please excuse me, I have to go try some of what I learned on my Amara now...


  1. You have stepped into another whole new world of quilting. Good for you keeping those neuron pathways fired up.

  2. enjoy!! It sounds very interesting!


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