Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Show and Tell

My friend and co-worker at Tiny Stitches, Millie, made this adorable version of Citrus Squeeze for her grandson. She substituted Starwars fabrics in the quilt rather than the pink and oranges shown in my book Scrap Quilt Secrets. She quilted it on her longarm. How could a Starwars fan NOT love this quilt?

This is my super cute friend Karen who made this version of Pumpkins in the Patch as a halloween quilt. She moaned and groaned and complained the whole time but we laughed a lot too. I think she is finally happy with the result and I know I am. Way to go Karen!

And imagine my surprise when I was working at the shop one day and walked into the classroom and saw this sweet customer trimming her finished Crazy Daisy. I had no idea she was working on it, but I sure love the result!

And this bright version of Crazy Daisy is going to be the fundraiser quilt for our guild next year. It was made from donated blocks (which made for a fabulous variety). Many of the blocks even use fabrics from the stash of our dear friend Patsy, who passed away last year. A very sweet member volunteered to applique the flowers and Linda and Jackie (shown) put it all together. The fabulous Betty quilted it on her longarm. I just love how happy this turned out. Good job to everyone who helped!

If you have photos of finished quilts from my book or patterns, I would love to see them and share them here, or you can share them on Facebook HERE.

It's hard to describe my feelings when I see a finished quilt from one of my designs. I love it every time, and I am especially thrilled when it inspires a quilter to make it her own, different and unique. That's the beauty of quilting isn't it? No two are every alike.



  1. How wonderful for you and what a great idea the ladies had to coolaborate on the quilt!

  2. How thrilling to see your patterns interpreted by other quilters! I know you are a happy camper!

  3. Wonderful! I love how the Crazy Daisy quilts have their daisies going in different directions. Love them both.

  4. Love seeing your patterns made up in different fabrics etc. The first one really caught my eye and then I realized that it's the same pattern I used for one of mine!:)


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