Thursday, June 21, 2018

Colorado Springs Quilters

I flew to Colorado Springs Wednesday night because there were no flights on Thursday that arrived in time for me to present to the quilt guild. So Thursday morning (guild meeting wasn't until evening) I got a phone call from this sweet lady named Anne. She volunteered to be my hostess for the day and she was so delightful!

Our first stop was at Nana's Quilt Cottage in Old Colorado City. It is a tiny shop packed full of wonderful goodies. I found a few small treasures to bring home (but suitcase space is limited so I had to show some self control.)

We then went to the visitor center right in the middle of the Garden of the Gods. This place is breath taking! I was so amazed that there are so many homes that have views of this spectacular place. It is unlike anything I've ever seen (and I went to the Grand Canyon and Sedona last month!)

We drove through the Garden of the Gods and Anne kindly stopped lots of times for me to hop out and take photos. I might have squealed a few time between oohing and ahhing. Something spectacular was waiting for us around every turn!

We then went to Manitou Springs where there are bubbling springs all along the main street. We taste tested the water at this one and I loved it! The water is naturally carbonated (very slightly) and it was delicious. We did a little window shopping and then had lunch outside along the creek.

And guess what I had to drink? Lemonade made with the fresh spring water and it was SO yummy!! Anne and I did a bit more shopping and took a scenic drive back to town so we could be at the guild meeting on time.

I had the pleasure of presenting to a packed house and they were such a great audience. Lots of good questions and bright smiling faces. Such a warm and welcoming group of quilters.

Friday was another fun filled day of sight seeing because the workshop wasn't going to happen until Saturday. I was picked up at the hotel by Bonnie and Susan (a dynamic duo for sure) who kept me laughing all day! We started with an amazing lunch outside at a winery along a creek.

We then drove through the mountain pass with some outstanding views to Glen Eyrie Castle. While the castle was impressive, spying a momma turkey with her babies was truly magical. They were so wobbly and wandering around but she kept them close and watched them carefully. We then drove to the Mill Fabric Outlet where I found a few more goodies that needed to come home with me. And then to the Ladybug Quilt Shop for more treasures!

We then went to the home of a truly talented quilter for a tour of her quilt-filled home. Her talent was only exceeded by her hospitality. I felt like I had a private gallery viewing! And we squeezed in one more quilt shop, Ruth's, before heading to dinner at this fun Mexican restaurant.

I collapsed in bed after a full day of fun and laughter thanks to Bonnie and Susan!

Saturday was workshop day and we were sewing 'Tipsy Tac Toe' and 'Paper Chain' from my book Scrap Quilt Secrets. These quilts have some common elements so they pair nicely together for a workshop. One quilter even brought baskets of scraps to share!

I had so much fun getting to know each of the quilters and finding out that two of them had lived in Georgia for quite a while (different times and places).

I was truly fortunate to spend my last night in Colorado Springs with a darling quilter named Deb. She took me out to dinner and we had the best time visiting. After dinner out, we both went to bed early because we had to leave for the airport at 4 am! Only the kindest of people will get up and drive  you to the airport at that hour. She was so delightful, even before sunrise!

I am so thankful for each and every quilter I was able to spend time with. They were so delightful and I felt so well taken care of during my entire visit. We are already looking forward to another visit next year!

Thanks for a great time!


  1. What a wonderful experience for you and the quilters in the guild. I love Manitou springs

  2. We visited Garden of the Gods four years ago. It was truly spectacular. Your suitcase must have been stuffed after all those quilt shop visits.

  3. Wow! That looks like a really beautiful area!! Quilters are the best people, aren't they?

  4. The Garden of the Gods is truly magical. Your traveling story makes me want to go there Again! I missed out on all the quilty fun that go around! And what wonderful hostesses you had!


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