Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kelly's Grand Adventure

My daughter Kelly is having the time of her life on a cruise that travels to ports in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Her cousin Sarah was allowed to take one friend on her graduation trip and she chose her cousin Kelly! These girls have always had a special bond and it's an amazing adventure they are on together, thanks to my sister and her husband.

This is Sarah on the cruise ship. They flew to Copenhagen and had a couple of fun days there before boarding the ship. 

These two clearly  know how to have fun! I'm so happy that they are making these memories together. I am slightly jealous as well, but I'm happy that they are doing this while they are young and carefree.

We've been getting photos and videos and snapchats from every port. This one was a bus trip up to the top of the mountain for the view. They've also visited waterfalls, local points of interest and seen some really amazing wildlife.

And when they are on the ship, they relax seriously! LOL I love that they never run out of ideas. Here they are bundled up on their balcony playing cards. 

The latest update was from their ATVing excursion to an outpost that was constructed in the form of an indigenous tent, with fire place in the center and lined with fur skins, where they had hot drinks before heading back. Kelly said these suits kept them so warm. 

And the adventure continues...I can't wait to hear about the rest of it! It will be so fun to hear all the stories in person when she gets home next week!

Until then, I'll just be here turning a bit green with envy...LOL


  1. I am there with you with the green envy--I have always wanted to visit those countries since I learned about them in high school--!!! so glad the girls are having so much fun--
    enjoy, di

  2. Yes, to be young and adventuresome. It looks like a fantastic trip. I'd be jealous too.

  3. I love that cousins are making such fun memories together too and they aren't even my family! I love it!

  4. Fun holidays for these two beautiful ladies !! They will have great memories !


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