Friday, June 29, 2018

Travel Plans for 2019

My teaching schedule for 2019... 

is not quite full and I would love to add some quilt guild visits to my current schedule. Any group, at any location is welcome to contact me at for dates and availability. I am however hoping to add some guilds to a few of my trips below. 

February 21-25- QuiltCon, Nashville TN

I will be in Nashville for QuiltCon doing book signings for my new book at the C&T booth. With a little luck, I'll even have a booth of my own! If your group would like to have me visit just prior or afterwards, please let me know. I would love to have an excuse to take a detour on my way to or from Nashville.

June 6-8 Heartland Quilters Guild, Columbia IL

I'm so excited to be teaching at the retreat event in IL! If your guild would like to add on to this visit, I would split the travel costs and save your group some money, and save me some travel time! Woohoo!

October 6-7- Patchers at the Lake Shore, Muskegon, MI

I'm really looking forward to my visit to MI and I have been in touch with another guild there, but I would prefer to add another group or two to this trip. Dates either before or after are available, and I plan to rent a car, so anywhere is MI will work! The more groups that book, the better travel discount for each.

October 26-28 Quilt Market, Houston TX

Houston will be exciting for me next year for a couple of reasons. I can't officially announce those yet, but let's just say, it's going to be BIG! I would love to visit your guild in TX while I'm there. Airfare and hotel will be only half because I'll be splitting the expenses. I will have all new quilts and designs and fun stuff to reveal and share with your group first!

If your guild is located anywhere else, and would like me to visit, please contact me as soon as possible, dates are becoming limited. I have lots of other visits scheduled that are listed on my calendar I am also booking 2020 dates.

If I have already visited your guild... I'm offering a return discount and I have all new quilts, a new book, several new patterns and lots of new tricks and tips!

I'm looking forward to working with your guild and meeting lots of quilters in the next year! Thanks so much for your support!



  1. some exciting things for you! congrats

  2. I live in Illinois. I would like to attend your workshop with the Heartland Quilters Guild. When I googled the guild, i could not find a public announcement about your workshop. Would you mind sharing with me the name of the president of the guild? I will reach out to that person for attendance information. Thank you....Darlynn


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