Thursday, July 5, 2018

Longarm Quilting Services

I never anticipated how much I would LOVE my new HandiQuilter Amara with ProStitcherPremium when I got it. I knew it would help me finish more quilts more quickly, but I never knew how addictive it would be. Now that I've quilted all my (20+) quilt tops and all of my friends', I've decided I want to quilt for everyone else!

What does that mean for you? I can quilt your quilt tops using digital edge-to-edge designs. I am happy to choose thread colors and quilting designs for you, or you can specify exactly what you want.
I am happy to discuss options and ideas. I can provide Warm Co. 80/20 batting for you OR you can send your own batting.

Prices are as follows:

Quilting is .02 per square inch for example:
Crib 45" x 60"     ($54)
Twin 60" x 75"    ($90)
Queen 80" x 80"  ($128)
King 90" x 100"  ($180)

Each quilt will be measured and priced accordingly.
Mail orders will require a $50 minimum.

Batting will be priced as follows: (or you can provide your own)
I buy it by the roll and pass the savings on to you.
Crib 45" x 60"     ($15)
Twin 60" x 75"    ($20)
Queen 80" x 80"  ($25)
King 90" x 100"  ($35)

Return Postage is free for all services over $100. Flat rate fees ($13) will apply to others.


Thread is no additional charge. I use either Superior So Fine #50 or Glide. I am happy to provide any color you choose, I am not currently offering metallic or specialty threads. You can choose "blue to match..." or "white" and I will match as closely as possible. I have some great 'blender' colors as well.

Designs are not limited to, but can be chosen from any Digital Edge-to-edge design from UrbanElementz. They seem to have the most complete selection. Or you can simply specify "baptist fan" or "stars" or "snowflakes" and I will choose for you. I'm happy to send you some suggestions to choose from.

Trimming is included at no additional charge. I will trim all mail order quilts and include excess fabric only.

Binding services are not offered at this time.

The form below can be filled out and emailed to me (just copy and paste it into the email) and send it to

Click here for a printable version of the form.

Butterfly Threads Quilting
5090 Trailing Fox Drive
Cumming GA 30040
(404) 409 5149
Mailing Address

Quilt size:        _____” X _____”        (.02 per square inch)  

Backing size: _____” X _____”    (must be 8’’ longer and 8” wider than quilt)

Batting needed           yes       no        (choose one)                            

Type of batting ____________________________
(BTQ provides Warm 80/20 prices depend on size)

Thread color   _________________  or                    
Choose from any color at

Design             _________________ or
Choose from any design at

Special requests (Binding services not available)

Trimming        yes       no        (choose one)                                                                             
(Quilts being returned by mail will be trimmed, excess fabric will be returned)

Return Date Requested

Please fill out and email to for a price estimate. Print and include a copy with your quilt please.

Thanks so much for your trust and support!


  1. PERFECT!!! I need to finish up a couple of tops and I'm coming calling!!!

  2. Congrats on your long-arm progress. ENJOY the journey.


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