Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Quilting Kelly Michelle

I had the honor of quilting this beauty this weekend. It's made by a sweet friend who took a worshop when I visited the Cherokee Rose Quilt Guild last year. She increased the size to queen size by adding a row to the side and bottom. Her workmanship was wonderful, so quilting was a joy. 

I chose a digital edge to edge design by Deb Geissler called Daisies. The design mimics the flowers and leaves in many of the fabrics.  You can find the quilt pattern in my shop here.

I have a wonderful video of the quilting in progress but blogger doesn't want to upload my videos today. Sigh.

If you would like for me to quilt your quilt (it doesn't have to be from one of my patterns) please click on the box to the left or email me at butterflythreadsquilting@gmail.com for more information.

Enjoy every stitch!


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