Friday, August 17, 2018

Change is Good!

It's time for me to make some changes! I've felt this coming on for a while but I'm ready to really refocus and make a shift in my priorities. I've been feeling exhausted and over worked for several years now (running my own business!) and then I realized I'm the boss! Wait, what? Oh yeah! I can choose to make changes and my husband has been strongly encouraging me to. I need to do more than think about it...and you know how I love my lists, so here goes!

1. I'm no longer writing blog posts for Craftsy on a regular basis.

I love the team at Craftsy and I love the content they allowed me to share for almost five years. Find some of my favorite posts HERE. You've probably noticed that they have shifted their content presentation as well, and learning the new format and invoicing system was just more than I could take on at the moment. It's still a dream of mine to teach a class for them, and maybe that will happen one day. But that's for another list at another time.

2. I plan to re-open etsy shop.

I have loads of quilts and samples to sell, I just need an easy way to do that. I've not had luck with my attempts at selling on social media, and eBay rates are crazy these days. So I plan to list my quilts and maybe some fabrics and supplies as well. I'll be sure to share those updates here.

3. I will be commuting less.

As much as I adore the friends and staff at the quilt shop. The 2+ hour round trip commute is killing me. The days I work at the shop mean I'm away from home for over 11 hours. It's taking a toll on my health and my car. My hubby has been begging for this since it affects him directly (think undone laundry and grumpy wife) LOL But I can't give it up completely because I would miss my friends and customers too much! (Hi Friday Friends!!) And I love being involved in the HQ Ruler Club and HQ education.

4. I will be doing more customer longarm quilting.

I've gotten my system set up so that I can take in local and long distance quilting. I find that I love this work and it makes me happy. I never envisioned myself as a 'longarmer' but I'm embracing it! No one is more surprised than me at how satisfying it is! Find more information about having me quilt for you HERE. Or simply send a question to me at 

5. I'm going to limit my computer time.

I spend more hours at the computer than I do at the sewing machine and I don't like that! I know it's important to share what's happening, and I love connecting with friends online, but I'm going to set a timer when I sit down at the computer. I hope this will free up more time for me to do a lot of other things, but mostly quilting! (Don't panic, I'm still planning to blog a minimum of twice a week!)

6. I plan to accept more commission quilting.

I finally have the confidence to do commission work without stressing (too much). I love the challenge of taking someone else's ideas and quilting them! I'm currently working on an amazing piece that I will share soon. It's a way to flex my creative muscles and really focus on precision. It's invigorating! Please contact me at for more information on hiring me to make the quilt of your dreams!

7. My kids are going back to school.

That empty nest hurts. But rather than focus on the loss of adorable people to take care of in my house, I'm going to focus on taking care of me (and the dogs, of course!) Limiting computer time, introducing some new personal habits, and scheduling some relaxation (sad but true) will make me better at everything I do!

8. I've got some new patterns coming soon.

I've been hiding half a dozen finished quilts, trying to decide how to proceed with them. I'm going to release some individual patterns first. Then I think I'm going to finally (I've been making excuses for several years) going to pursue some fun new ways to share my designs.

Stay tuned!
I hope you are taking good care of yourself, and if not, maybe you should make a list, just saying...



  1. Love to read and see how your quilting life is progressing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you! Don't feel bad, I have a huge pile of laundry too and I don't drive 2 hours to go to work. I have been trying to make better use of my time also. I am rooting for you! I don't know what a long arm is but I am nosey so I would love to see it one day. This is showing me post as Barry, but it's Abbe

  3. Change is a constant veritable. Sometimes easy to think about but then sometimes a challenge to put into practice. I've made a great list and have set the wheels in motion.

  4. Sounds like a great plan! I wish you the best in your new path.

  5. sounds like alot of good changes--life goes sooo fast--we do need to slow down and breathe these days and realize we can't do it all!!! as for me--one of the things I have to change is to now find time each day to do some workouts--don't want all the work the 2 therapy guys have done with me to strengthen my body go to waste--and we did do alot of work and improvement (though it doesn't really show on the scales, but they keep telling me that muscle weighs more that that 'f' word!! (fluff!!!)
    there will be some other changes at the end of the month--so wait for it----
    enjoy, di

  6. Good for you! Accepting that things need to change is often so hard. I see this as finding a new rhythm for your life as the nest empties. Remember it will not come all at once, but taking steps to find your way is wonderful. I'm looking forward to hearing of your new adventures and those patterns, too.

  7. Beginning a new school year is almost as motivating as a new year. The summer hustle and heat are behind us and we can see clearly to organize and prioritize. Glad you're making changes that will make you happy. It's a good example. We all need to sit ourselves down and figure out the things that make us smile and then do them.

  8. Glad you listened to the Boss and made some new plans. It's good to shake things up and see what falls out! Looking forward to seeing your new quilt designs! I have at least 2 of your patterns on my to do list, but I'm still trying to finish up a few more things before I start something new.

  9. Change can be invigorating, especially when it's your choice and not something thrust on you. I'm glad you will continue the blog and look forward to seeing the new patterns. I think it's probably a good time to part from Craftsy as I think the move to a subscription service will change their whole clientele and I suspect that new content and classes will only be available to subscribers.
    Thanks for giving us a heads up on your changes.

  10. I don't see my earlier comment, but maybe it's awaiting moderation. Anyway, I just wanted to add that the picture of the marigold blooming in the sideway crack is priceless. Mother nature at work. And remember, if things didn't change, there wouldn't be any butterflies.

  11. Love Pat's butterfly saying....Self reflection is important....good for you....I think this is how we we evolve. ENjoy the process.

  12. So glad you are finding your way through all the changes life is bringing you. It's wonderful to settle into a routine that suits US, whatever that may be.:)

  13. Priorities list is a good way to change your world! I am going to wait for your etsy shop and your new patterns!

  14. change is good. Sometimes we're moving so fast we forget to stop and re-evaluate.

  15. It looks like a great list! Self care (and hubby care) is always good!

  16. Your post about making necessary changes was inspiring. I have been thinking about things like that for some time. I wish you the best.

  17. A brilliant, do-able list and, very importantly, you've got a husband and friends who will keep you on track with the changes you are implementing. I hope you will give some computer time in six months or a year to write about how these changes impact your life.


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