Friday, August 24, 2018

My Little Bee Group

If you aren't a member of a Bee Group, you need to be! I have been meeting with my bee group for years. We have morphed and transitioned as the years have passed. Folks have moved away and passed away, and new friends have joined. We like to keep it small, 6 members maximum, because that makes hosting easier. Speaking of hosting, we each host two times a year and we treat ourselves to a fun lunch out in December for the holidays.

Recently my sweet friend Darlene hosted. We lovingly refer to her as the 'hostess with the mostest' because she makes Martha Stewart look like an amateur. She is the most wonderful cook and her home is so filled with love and warmth. It makes you feel welcome just walking in the door!

(Darlene in her large lower level sewing room.)

She treated us to a full tour of her sewing room as well. She has the entire lower level of her home dedicated to her quilting space.

Her husband built her this beautiful (and huge) sewing table with spaces for everything! She has all of her projects arranged in order and ready to stitch whenever the mood strikes.

She has this cute little corner along the back wall for fun notions and mementos. And while she swears it's not always this tidy, I bet it actually is.

She had these sweet blocks on her design wall. I can't wait to see what wonderful quilt she makes with them.

She shared this gorgeous vintage top the she had acquired (long story) and we were generously giving her all sorts of advice and ideas, without even being asked! We're helpful like that. LOL

And no sewing room tour is complete without a peek at the stash! This is a portion of her 'fabric collection'. She also has lots of bins with kits she has put together for projects all piled neatly, just waiting for her.

While we only get together once a month, I think it's one of my favorite days of the month. These friends are priceless to me. Thanks for tour Darlene!

Enjoy every stitch,


  1. There is nothing as special as spending time with good friends - especially if they sew!

  2. In today's world, I had more on the impression that bees were widespread instead of close knit as they used to be. It's refreshing to hear of a close and closed bee that is small and very close in proximity, too.

  3. Bee Groups are the Best! I love her elephant ear plants!

  4. Fantastic! Good friendships, food and quilting!! I tried to start a "bee" but people don't want to commit. Then I started blogging and that is the next best thing for me.


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