Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Quilted Owl

My friend Angie who writes Quilting on the Crescent, told me about a cute little quilt shop where she likes to shop called The Quilted Owl. It was on my agenda for my day in New Orleans and I would like to share a little about this marvelous little shop.

It is situated in an adorable old home that I knew was going to hold some treasures before I even opened the door! This little house has fabric crammed in every little nook and cranny. It is amazing how much goodness is squished into this place.

There was also a classroom and a fabulous area with stitching supplies. I have some friends that would have drooled over this selection.

I had to purchase a few things before I left, of course. I bought a couple of fat quarters and New Orleans themed prints.

I'm so glad the shop dog, Sophie approved. She was so precious I would have gladly taken her home too, but I think I've got enough dogs for now.

Thanks Angie, I just loved it!


  1. I love shops like that. Packed with inspiration

  2. I'm so happy you were able to visit the Owl! I can always count on them to understand and feed my appreciation for doing things by hand...and scrappy quilts!

  3. What a nice looking shop!! Sometimes the smallest ones are the best!

  4. oh it's a paradise for quilter!!


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