Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Currently I am...

PLANNING options for spring break. This year the kids all have the same spring break and it may be our last one to take a family trip. Unfortunately, the kids all have different ideas of what they would like to do. Luckily, they are used to 'going with the flow' and will be good sports. I just want it to be awesome for everyone.

DRINKING a hot cup of coffee, my morning (and afternoon) ritual.

FEELING like I'm going through withdrawal because I haven't even plugged in my longarm in over a week. I need someone to send me a quilt to play with soon, or I may develop a twitch!

READING two books that are both too good to put down. The struggle is real!

SEWING some blocks (photo above) for a Halloween quilt. Because you can never have too many Halloween quilts!

WORKING hard on 2 of the 4 new patterns that I am 'oh so close' to having ready to send to the printer. I have to be certain they are perfect, and I want to get them to the distributor before fall market.

HOPING I can add some teaching dates to my calendar next year that will allow me to visit multiple guilds on my trips to California, Tennessee, Illinois and Michigan. And hoping to add a few more local and driving trips to the calendar as well.

ENJOYING taking my 3 crazy dogs for long walks every day. I think I have finally trained them all to walk on the leash together in a somewhat orderly fashion. When they see a wild bunny though, all bets are off!

LOOKING FORWARD TO going to the Falcons-Saints game this weekend. Hubby surprised me with tickets last night! It will only be my second NFL game (we went to the playoffs last year). So I'm searching for a clear purse to take to the game. Any suggestions?



  1. Someone said Kroger has the clear bags.

  2. Love everything about this post! My dogs go crazy when they see a bunny too!!

  3. Here's the perfect bag for the game: https://www.sportsfanisland.com/products/new-orleans-saints-nfl-clear-sequin-purse?variant=1518133182470&dfw_tracker=21707-1518133182470&gclid=CjwKCAjwxILdBRBqEiwAHL2R83zzVLphk7S8AySsE40QmzXStgTHQKJkKbY1mib73h0QRIw6dbgwNRoCdTMQAvD_BwE

  4. Seriously, though - you could whip up your own bag by Sunday. Too bad there's not as much cool Falcons fabric as there is cool Saints/Fleur de Lis fabric!

  5. Enjoy your blog, I am anxious to hear about the books you are reading.

  6. working on long arm quilts. When I started my business, (8 years) I volunteered to quilt my guild's charity quilts. Its a great way to practice and try out new designs. Cotton Patch (Athens) donates hundreds of quilts annually to nursing homes, shelters etc and after 8 years I'm still quilting them in between my clients. Many of the ladies that sewed the tops have become my clients wit their own quilts. it is a good way to get new customers. Still enjoying donating my time and getting lots of practice .Joan


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