Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fifth Friday Fun Day at Tiny Stitches

I had the joy of teaching the Fifth Friday Fun Day at Tiny Stitches last Friday. We were making this quilt and learning all about triangles. Including the good, the bad and the perfect points every time!

We were using this pattern from my book Scrap Quilt Secrets. We were sewing both this version and the version that uses only the large triangles that I prepared for the workshop. (shown in first photo)

It was a great day of sewing and fun. I loved seeing all of the different fabrics and colors become triangles, then rows of triangles, then quilts!

But the best part of the day was the fun folks who were there sewing along. Thanks to the awesome quilters who attended, I had a fantastic time, laughing and sharing and spending the day with them. Teaching for 12 hours isn't easy, but they made it a joy!

Enjoy every stitch!


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