Friday, September 14, 2018

One Month Later...

I announced one month ago that I was going to make some significant changes (see post HERE) to better my health and increase my energy level as well as to 'remake' my daily life with less stress and more joy. Since I think accountability is what keeps us on track, here's what I can report.

1. I'm no longer writing blog posts for Craftsy on a regular basis.

DONE Not only have I done this, but it looks like Craftsy has as well. I've enjoyed the feeling of a weight lifted without this obligation nagging at me. 

2. I plan to re-open etsy shop.

PROGRESS I have and I've listed a few quilts. I need to list many more and get more items listed as well. I also need to overhaul my website so it reflects new and upcoming items.

3. I will be commuting less.

DONE I am only working one day a week this month and will continue to work a scaled back schedule for the next couple of months. This is allowing me to really take a few days a week to focus on 'catching up' and doing fun things like the 3 mile walk I took yesterday with hubby and the dogs.

4. I will be doing more customer longarm quilting.

DONE I enjoyed working on another customer quilt this week and it turned out beautifully. I will share it once it's been given as a gift. I don't want to 'spoil' any surprises! Please let me know if I can quilt for you! I would love to!!

5. I'm going to limit my computer time.

MAJOR PROGRESS I've stepped away after checking email/blogging every day. I have seriously reduced computer time, and I hope to continue (which can be tricky when pattern writing and website work needs to be done!) LOL

6. I plan to accept more commission quilting.

No new commission quilts are in the works, but I feel like I can take one on if it comes my way!

7. My kids are going back to school.

SAD BUT TRUE The kids are back at school. I have sent them each their first care package and I've had cookies delivered. I am working hard not to bug them too much with texts. They are all doing well and I do miss them terribly. 

8. I've got some new patterns coming soon.

PROGRESS While I haven't gotten any of these sent off to my amazing graphic designer yet, I am working on (oh so slowly) getting them ready. I've also spent time getting the sew along STEP 2 ready to be revealed next month. 

Other benefits of the changes I've made...

I've lost about 10 lbs. 
I'm sleeping a little bit better. 
I feel less stressed. 
I took a whole morning just to read a book. 
I'm choosing something fun everyday (non work related).
While I think 'balance' is a myth, I do feel better. 

I am making better choices about how I spend my time and I'm feeling the benefits of that. I have a long way to go. I need to schedule 'relaxation' and I need to schedule more time with friends. Overall, I'm proud of the changes I've made and the results prove to me I'm doing the right thing. 

What do you need to change? 
Now go do it! 
You deserve it.



  1. Well, I for one am impressed! Good for you!! I'm hoping that your words and your progress have inspired me to make a few changes too. Especially the health thing. I do tend to overdo and I need to get more exercise!

  2. I loved hearing of your healthy lifestyle changes! It made me feel good, like it is possible to have a nice lifestyle and it is ok to enjoy it. keep at it. I know I love hearing about is.

  3. Diane, I'm glad that you are taking care of yourself. For years, I put everyone before myself and I have paid the price for it dearly. I burned myself out. It has taken a large toll on my health. I was the mother, father, cook, cleaner, partial yard boy, nanny, laundress, and I worked outside the home at a very stressful fulltime job which including some travel. My husband expected complete perfection on his time table. On top of that I was keeping secrets of violent and long lasting childhood abuse which added to the stress and the need to try to please someone, so I was already trying to perfectionistic. Yet when my husband walked out on me, it was devastating. I had been raised that if you worked long enough and hard enough, you could succeed at anything and now I was facing that wasn't true. I still had to go on for the kids while suffering deep depression. I didn't sit down until I got breast cancer and couldn't keep going. Six weeks later, I really had to sit down because I had fibromyalgia probably due to the childhood abuse. My body doesn't make a lot of chemicals I need due to the truama at a young age. I might have been able to change that if I had spoken up and it wasn't taken about back then and then if I had taken care of myself so I could really care for the others. You are encouragement to those who read your blog. I hope you are very, very proud of yourself. You are amazing. This is for you because you are worthy.

  4. You are to be commended, compiling a healthy and realistic list, and sticking to it! Not only are you making changes but you're feeling better too - it's a win win.

  5. Wow - that is great. It is hard to make changes and reorganize our lives but you are doing it!! good for you. I always love a photo of that Boomer!
    I've never had a quilt quilted. you are tempting me.

  6. I’m so happy for you! Keep up the great self care!


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