Saturday, October 27, 2018

And the winning name is...

Candy Crossing

The winning name for the quilt was overwhelming. And while I loved every suggestion (some of you are really creative!) I said I would go with the winner, and CANDY CROSSING got over 50 per cent of the vote. So we didn't even need a run off! 

I've emailed the free pattern to each of the people who voted in the comments on this blog. However, there were almost a dozen of you who are 'no reply' commentors. Which means, I couldn't reply to you to send your free pattern! If you voted and didn't get a pattern, please check your spam folder (because I sent them in large groups with attachments and your computer may have found that suspicious) or leave a comment below with your email address. Or send your email address to

If you missed the fun, no worries, you can purchase the pattern HERE

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments and fun suggestions, I may have to do that again! You all are the BEST blog readers/friends EVER!!



  1. sorry that I might be a no-reply? I do get replies to my comments on a # of my other blogs. Would it have come in as an email? I just searched my inbox & didn't see it anywhere. Anyhoo-I DID reply :) … Thanks Diane, Susan R

  2. I didn't receive the pattern. Just searched my spam and trash. Great name.

  3. I didn't receive either......checked Spam and Trash. I double checked and I did email is

  4. Did not receive in spam, trash ir regular inbox.

  5. Received this morning. Thank you! Your directions are very clear & it looks like fun quilt to make. Thanks again!

  6. I can't find mine either :(. Please let me know if I am a no replier as tech is sometimes not my friend :) But my email is

  7. I, too did not receive your pattern in any or my email folders. Would you please send to kanienhuis at g mail dot com? Thanks so much, this is such a fun happy pattern!

  8. I checked all my mail and spam but didn't receive the patten. More curious about my GranChris not working. Have fun at market. Thanks, Jmikebalou (at) aol (dot) com


I love to hear what you have to say, sadly, the spam has gotten ridiculous, so I will be approving comments from now on. I apologize for any inconvenience and I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

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