Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Houston Quilt Market 2018

(The view from our hotel room!)

I am still recovering from Quilt Market even though I had a wonderful night's sleep in my own bed last night. I was busy all day every day while in Houston, and it was the best kind of busy. I met old friends and spent time chatting and catching up.

I visited with online friends that I finally got to meet in real life for the very first time. Meeting Rachael and Lori was so fantastic! Words can't describe how happy it made me.

And making new friends who seemed to be around every corner I turned! It was so delightful to spend time with Mary Jo Yackley (and her sidekick!) of  Quiltin Time. We even found ourselves looking at the same quilts!

I taught a 'schoolhouse' session about my new book that will be coming out so very soon! I also had a fun time signing books for those that were kind enough to sign up for my book signing event in the C&T booth.

(Oh look, there's my quilt in the booth!)

I took a couple of classes about social media and running a creative business. I need all the help I can get when it comes to technology and social media and search engines and blah, blah, blah! But seriously, I think it's important to know those things so I can do a better job of communicating with all of you.

(Book sighting of my new book in a few booths was always exciting!)

I spent a couple of days just walking the market floor meeting with someone who is going to be a vital part of a new adventure I'm planning next. And yes, it's all super secret at this point, but I'm so excited to be taking a bit more control of my own little bit of the quilting universe. LOL

And I oogled and drooled over all the gorgeous new fabrics, cute gadgets and fun notions. And while no one item truly stood out among the rest, I am excited that there are going to be some very pretty things to use in the creative process of quilt making in the very near future.

I spent lots of hours wandering among the most amazing quilts I've ever seen. I say that every year but seriously, the quilts never fail to inspire and awe me. I'll have a whole post (or maybe two) just about the quilts. Sigh.

And I even managed to spend an evening with the Baytown Quilters Guild of Houston sharing my quilts and stories before heading home.

The whole experience was filled with so much laughter, lots of hugs, and too much fun, in large part due to my sweet funny friend Janet. She was the best roomie and partner in crime I could have asked for! Thanks to her, our fridge was stocked with healthy foods, my school house attendees were greeted by her bright smile as she handed out goodies (so I could prep!), and she was the best paparazzi ever for my book signing event! We shared meals, quilt viewing, booth exploring and just good times while we went about the business of market.

And in the spirit of 'What happens in Houston stays in Houston', we won't mention the water bottle incident, face timing phone habits or 'the burp' among other things...

I'll be back with more quilt photos soon, but first, another nap may be in order.


  1. It is an amazing place! Overwhelming too!
    Glad you had a good time. I am excited to hear about your surprise!

  2. So much fun! I'm thrilled to have finally met you!


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