Monday, November 12, 2018

More Quilts from Houston 2018...Vintage and Vintage Inspired

While I make a lot of contemporary quilts, or bright and happy quilts, my heartstrings are always tugged by the vintage quilts from years ago that are clearly the artistic expression of someone making beauty from what was available. 

In other words, I LOVE old scrap quilts the best!

The display of vintage quilts from the British Isles was nothing short of breath taking. And there were several groups of quilts inspired by vintage quilts. And I just found myself drawn to these over and over again.

I can just imagine this person carefully piecing these hexies in the middle of this quilt. And then at some point she realized how long these tiny hexies were going to take her and she decided, forget this!! And she started appliqueing her leftover pieces on a background. Then she added those pieces around the edges of the hexie section, and was so pleased with herself for actually finishing something!

And for what it's worth, I find the mosaic so much more interesting than the hexies. LOL

I can't decide what I like best about this quilt. Is it the soft colors, the medallion setting or the fact that some of those border strips are totally mismatched and just sewn together anyway? Or perhaps it's the magic created by all of those elements landing in the same quilt?

I've seen Seminole piecing before, but I love how this quilt design is a block design that is expanded to the entire quilt. The reds on one side and the blues on the other. I love it when the block becomes the quilt. And the details can be discovered over time.

One inch triangles. Really? Yep! And it blew me away. LOVE everything about this quilt.

The story of where these fabrics came from makes this quilt so special. It's pretty awesome to look at as well. Sigh.

I could have some sweet dreams under this quilt. I think I must make my own version one day.

And perhaps my favorite 'vintage inspired' quilt is the one made by my friend Barb. The details in this quilt are so amazing. The color choices make me happy and the hand stitching is swoon worthy! Thanks for sharing this awesome quilt with us Barb!

Enjoy every stitch,

PS. There are still more to come!


  1. I loved the English Wedding quilt. Because the red hearts are so vivid, it must have been a much brighter quilt at one time. But, I think it's the softness of the colors now that really makes me swoon.

  2. There were so beautiful quilts!!

  3. Thank you for sharing Diane !! They are ALL gorgeous .... I can't wait for next year...

  4. What a wonderful tour of some pretty amazing quilts! I share your appreciation for vintage and quirky make-do quilts. I’m glad you ended with Barb’s quilt - that’s one I would love to see in person!

  5. WOW...I love them all but Sunday Dresses...? It really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Fabulous! I love the quilts from Christopher Tate. I had not seen the "mosaic" before and that is one of my favorite styles. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Barb's quilt. Someday I will see it in person!!

  7. It's always great to see barb's quilts in person!!
    Love the antique quilts!!


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