Monday, December 17, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets, technique 1

As I mentioned before, my new book Strip Quilt Secrets, answers many of the questions I get when I am teaching and sharing my quilts. One of the biggest 'secrets' to scrap quilting is cutting your scraps into strips and making basic STRIP SETS.

Sewing strips into sets (and there are literally pages of info in the book about how to accurately do this!) is the foundation for making fun and exciting quilts from fabrics you already have. I love to shop as much as the next quilter, but I also love to use the fabrics I already have in my sewing room.


The first quilt in this chapter on STRIP SETS is one I made using leftovers from several jelly rolls. I then added some extra scraps and fun fabrics to enhance the sparkle of this quilt. I also used a solid as the chain. I love this vibrant shade of purple, but you could use any solid or 'tone on tone' fabric. Go check your stash and see what you have! I'll wait...

Now before you freak out about an entire quilt made from finished 1" x 2" pieces, remember this starts with 2 1/2'' strips and sews together in strip sets made up of 6 strips. They are subcut into 1 1/2" sections. Each block in an incomplete design. The design is created by the way the blocks interact with each other. It's fun and not hard at all. I promise!


I love black and white quilts. I have an enormous stash of black and white fabrics. This quilt would be awesome with chains in one color and scrappy background or the reverse. Use the coloring pages in the back of the book to discover lots of possibilities.

These strip sets create two different blocks. When the blocks are joined together is when the chains appear. This quilt would look so great on a bed, or just make a small one to snuggle under. I'm thinking a red and white one will be necessary for Valentines. What do you think?


This design was a pattern I spied on a floor mat at a restaurant entrance that I snapped a  photo of. Not much later I saw it again at my local print office. I felt certain that seeing it again meant that I needed to make this quilt. The strip sets are easy and fun.

This quilt is made up of only one block, the way the blocks meet in the corners is what creates the 'rings' which are the first thing I see when I look at the quilt. If you followed along with the mystery quilt a few years ago, you will recognize this one. It's a favorite of mine because of the design and because of the color combination.

Stayed tuned every day this week for the each chapter of STRIP QUILT SECRETS...

Did I mention all of these quilts are offered in four different sizes each? You are running out of excuses as to why you can't make these quilts. LOL They are fun, fast and flexible!

Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. Yes, I remember Square Pegs from the mystery. Mine remains a bunch of little sub-units and pieces no sewn because I couldn't get the units to come out the right size (too small). I love the design, but I think the only way I'll ever finish it is to start over and cut my pieces a sliver bigger.


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