Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets, technique 3

Resewing strip sets is the third technique in my new book STRIP QUILT SECRETS. It may sound complicated, but it is really just sewing strip sets (see chapter one) and then cutting them into units and either twisting them, or rearranging them before sewing them together again. The beauty of this technique is that you can achieve a complicated look without the complicated effort!


This quilt is made up of blocks that use 8 strips each that are 2'' wide. By sewing them into a tube, then cutting the tube into strips, and then resewing them together, this amazing chain effect is created. While I like the simple diagonal setting, or a fun diamond setting, these can be rearranged into any option that can be used with log cabin blocks. Be sure to play around with them before committing to a choice.


This quilt has a funny story that goes with it and I always enjoy sharing it with the group I visit. It's always good for a few laughs. Again, this quilt is made of strip sets, that are cut into four pieces and the great thing about this pattern is that you make 2 blocks and a border unit from each strip set! It gives you lots of reward for a little bit of work!


Don't be afraid of this quilt. I does require a partial seam for the center square, but the instructions include diagrams that make it super easy! These strip sets make enough units for 1 and a half blocks each! So again, lots of results for minimal effort. I think this would be amazing in rainbow or ombre piecing, don't you?

Enjoy every stitch!

PS: It's not too late to see all of these quilts in person and book a workshop for your guild or group. I have a few opening left in 2019 and quite a few available for 2020. Comment or email me for more information or to book an event!


  1. You've come up with some interesting techniques

  2. I think Lime Twist is going on my to-do list. Very colorful with lots of movement.


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