Friday, December 21, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets, technique 5

The last technique in my new book STRIP QUILT SECRETS is actually several techniques. PIECING ALTERNATIVES are methods that can be used for sewing strips in non-typical ways. Sometimes we just need something new or different to use up the strips, or scraps of strips that we have left over. Hopefully, these will be just what you are looking for...


This is the only quilt in the book that is pieced using the 'sew and flip' method on foundation. I used muslin as my foundation and since the quilt already had three layers I chose not to use batting. I hand quilted it and love the soft drape and snuggly effect. I used pearl cotton with big stitch method because I like my hand quilting to show!


This quilt uses a method I often all my 'therapy'. I have a bin of tiny squares and strips leftover from other projects. When I'm tired or don't want to think too much, I pull out the bin and start sewing these little bits together. I then trim the pieced units into strips. This quilt is made up of those pieced strips. Talk about a scrap buster!


It's no secret that I LOVE selvage quilts. I've made lots of selvage quilts and I am fairly certain this one is my favorite so far! By grouping the selvages according to color, I was able to create spools of selvages in a rainbow! I love that these spool blocks play together so nicely. I am currently working on a version of this pattern using 1" strips of fabric. Because if one is good, more is better!

I hope you've had as much fun discovering these techniques for STRIP PIECING as I've had sharing them with you! I am so happy with these quilts and I look forward to seeing your versions of them in the future! Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you share photos so I can enjoy them too!

If you haven't already, you can get your very own signed copy of STRIP QUILT SECRETS for Christmas!

Enjoy every stitch!



  1. I love that you called your "fabric therapy" quilt Wash Day! Somehow that goes perfectly with the idea of sewing scraps together to soothe the soul. I've enjoyed your series on strip piecing techniques, just haven't had much time for commenting. Heck, I received your book last week and haven't had time to do more than flip through the pages! I'm looking forward to some stitching time over the next week - vacation days ahead!! Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for all the wonderful stitching inspiration!

  2. I just finished going through all five of your posts as I anxiously await the delivery of your new book!! Which pattern would your recommend for thirties fabrics???

  3. beautiful quilts! I hope success to your book!!


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