Thursday, January 3, 2019

Sew Your Stash Along Step 5

Sew Your Stash Along Step 5
(76 blocks that are 2 ½'' finished)

Cutting Instructions
From each of the 2 fabrics (fat quarters will work) or scraps- Cut 11 strips 1 ¾’’ x 18’’

Sewing the Blocks
Select one strip from each fabric.
Sew the strips together lengthwise.
Press the seams to the dark strip.


Cut across the strip sets every 1 ¾’’. Cut a total of 152.

Make sure that one unit is turned so that the same fabrics are not facing each other. 
Arrange these units into four patches by placing two right sides together.
The finished four patches will be 2 ½''. Make 76 blocks.
Adding to the units to the quilt

Arrange the blocks as shown and sew them into 2 rows of 18 blocks each.
Arrange the remaining blocks as shown and sew them into 2 rows of 20 blocks each.
Sew the rows of 18 blocks to opposite sides of the quilt.
Sew the rows of 20 blocks to the remaining two sided of the quilt.
Press the seams toward the sashing strips.

The quilt will now be 50 1/2'' square. Trim if needed.

Step 5

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