Monday, February 11, 2019

Double (and Triple) Four Patch Play


I got this crazy notion to see if I could make a quilt that looked similar to a Burgoyne Surrounded by using only double and triple four patch blocks. Please don't ask where these crazy notions come from, I just woke up thinking about this... 


So I went straight to my EQ7 because I still haven't taken the time to learn how to use my EQ8 program yet. I'm sure it would be better for designing these things but sometimes the learning curve is just too daunting. Know what I mean?


But once I designed the two blocks (double 4 patch and triple 4 patch) in black and white, I started combining them and then twisting and turning them around. All of these blocks are shown at 8'' and set 8 x 10 so the dimensions are 64'' x 80'' (which happens to be a good generous twin size quilt.)


And then I decided to see what I could do with just the double four patches...






And how about just the triple four patches...







Oh but maybe a couple more designs with a combination of both blocks...



Now I want to make them all! This is what my brain looks like. Kind of scary isn't it? LOL

And I've totally forgotten about the Burgoyne Surrounded idea I was trying to make. Do you ever get distracted like this? Or is it just me?

Just for fun, help me decide which one to make first by voting on the number of your favorite.




  1. I am usually quick to recognize quilt layouts that work for me, but I agree that there are lots of good options here! One of the choices that would be high on my list is #2. Tomorrow I might pick a different one. Good luck deciding! I also get distracted like this, and EQ makes is super easy to experiment. I am slowly learning EQ8, but when I am in a rush I go back to EQ6 which is what I used for many years.

  2. #6 would be where I would start then #14 :-). BTW - You are not alone in the wild idea getting morphed into other ideas and the original thought getting lost in the process :-)

  3. I like #3 today. Tomorrow I very well might like a different version. That is the fun of quiliting: all the possibilities. How about a QAL for this one???

  4. Wow, so many options! I like #3 and #17. I'd be happy with a QAL also.

  5. I love that you figured out all these great 4-patch settings, as I have been making 4-patches as leader-enders for a couple of years now. So many choices! I also love that you are proficient with ANY quilting software. I'm afraid I'd never make another actual quilt if I started using software - I'd just design everything on the computer and then go down a different design rabbit hole before I ever picked up needle and thread!

  6. This makes me want EQ which I've never used. fun to study these layouts

  7. I too have the occasional-"what if-squirrel" moments! I see one thing and then I "tinker". All have great design potential but my current favorites are 2-4-6. Can't wait to see some color added.

  8. My brain is like this too. hope its not scarry Love all the chain layouts. ! thanks for inspiring. I want to fill them all with alternates.

  9. Oh là là... I only see black and white LOL !!
    Seriously.... I love the 2 and the 17.

  10. Oh my, brain overload ahead! I force myself to use EQ8 most days but also revert to EQ7 when time is limited.

  11. What fun play you had!! I love the idea of combining the 2 and 4 patches and think #2 is my favourite - at the moment!!

  12. Love them all but #1 is what I would start with

  13. I like Nos. 5 and 17...very the black and white...hugs, Julierose

  14. Oh, #11 is the winner in my book.....yet they are all interesting, tempting.

  15. OMG! what possibilities!! great ideas!

  16. I like the 2, 5, and 7 designs best, although there so many good potentials! But the partial 9-patches in some of the other designs put me off. And I bet you were hoping for more consensus on designs, LOL!!

  17. I like 1. It could make a cool layered look
    But there are so many good choices here
    I would have to make them all lol


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