Monday, March 4, 2019



Lots of great books. Really enjoying the 'reading season' here now. All the cold and damp and fog and rain are perfect for curling up with a good book. Go HERE to see my recent reads.


Winter is perfect soup weather. I am enjoying making a pot of soup or chili every week and then having ready made meals all week long. It gets a little boring by the end of the week (since it's usually just me around here) but I mix it up with grilled cheese or quesadilla or toast for sides. My favorite chili recipe is HERE


While we don't watch any network TV around here, hubby and I enjoy watching series together that we record and then can watch several episodes at a time. Some of our favorites include Outlander, Handmaid's Tale, The Crown, Victoria, Poldark, and This Is Us.

Sleeves on quilts for the upcoming quilt show. Go HERE to see the details. Sadly, I'm going to miss it this year because of travel. Too many quilts, never enough time!
And working on the next step for the Sew Along. Always working on the next step!!


Packing and prepping for lots of travel and teaching in the next few months. Spring and fall seam to be the busiest time for me and I enjoy meeting all of the amazing quilters along the way. Check out my calendar HERE to see if I'll be in a town near you soon. Or let your guild program person know and maybe we can add a visit to your group!


These three kiddos. Dang it's quiet around here without them. We don't hear from them much and that's a good thing I suppose. They are all doing well and working hard. As parents, how could we ask for more?


Really thankful that I get to see those kiddos soon and spend a whole week with them!

What are you doing currently?


  1. Still moving snow! LOL
    Definitely soup season here as well.
    We don't watch much tv and have never seen any you mentioned.
    Yay for spring break soon!!

  2. Your crockpot recipe looks great! I have a similar one for the instapot and it is so yummy when cold! Hope your younguns come visit soon!! Your schedule looks busy!!


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