Thursday, March 28, 2019

March Reading List

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I listened to this book on CD from the library while driving to Alabama and back to watch my daughter ride in the regional horse show at Auburn. I was totally absorbed into this story and the characters but I have some questions that would involve spoilers, so if you've read this please comment or email me, we need to talk! I do like the book and would highly recommend it!

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I purchased this book with credit from Amazon (thanks to those of you who shop through these links!) After hearing the raves about this book I wondered if I would love it as well. Hands down, it was amazing! It will be in the running for my favorite book this year. While the story of her childhood is heartbreaking in so many ways, it is truly a story of survival and resilience. I cannot recommend this book enough. Drop what you are doing and go read it now.

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While I have loved the other books by this author, probably because they were more historical fiction, this one fell flat for me. I liked the story of the characters, but the setting of the rain and the flooding got monotonous and annoying. I get it... the rain never stopped and everything flooded. I get the symbolism. I guess the fact that I was listening to this on CD didn't help. I could have skimmed a lot if I had been reading it. It did keep me awake while I drove 6.5 hours to Mississippi, so it couldn't have been that bad. 

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Most of the books by this author focus on a hot news topic. I like that she takes on controversy and embraces critical issues that can be very emotional for people. This book focused on abortion and the right to choose. I felt it was a gripping story that really got inside both sides of the issue. It also dealt with other issues while the story unfolded. I liked this book a lot. I listened to it on CD and found that I wanted to read it faster than the narrator did, so again, I probably would have enjoyed this even more if I had been reading it, but it kept me awake on the drive home from Mississippi. LOL

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I love Alice Hoffman books. All of them. They are filled with magic and beautiful characters and unfolding events and relationships that make me wish I was living in the book. This one is no exception. This story follows three siblings who live in a world unlike most people. They experience their own magic in ways that they do not understand and don't even want. Like most teenagers, they would prefer to blend in and be normal. The events that define their lives are told in a way that truly captivates. I love this book as much as every other Alice Hoffman book I've read, and that say a lot!

Enjoy every page!

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  1. Thanks for your reading/listening suggestions. I do write them down and see what I can find.

  2. I, too, loved Where the Crawdads Sing!! Definitely a great book. And as usual, I’ve got another couple books from your recommendations to add to my search list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. xo

  3. I was enthralled with A Spark of Light and so was my daughter. I thought Jodi Picoult handled the topic with grace and dignity. I saw an interview of her on CSPAN before I read it and I admire her diligent and thorough research. I know many will avoid it because of the topic, but I have to say it was well done. I have never been able to listen to books because I find them too slow, but I have a road trip in a couple of weeks which means 5+ hours in the car each way. Maybe I will grab a book CD at the library--thanks for the suggestions.


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