Sunday, April 14, 2019

Behind the Blog...

Ever wonder what it takes to keep a little old blog running and where the content comes from? Ever wonder what having your own quilt business actually involves? I'm here to tell you, there is way more that happens behind the scenes that what you see as the final result. Why am I telling you this? Because I get lots of questions when I'm out and about and I thought some of you might find the answers surprising or interesting. If not, scroll along, I won't be offended. LOL

Currently, after taking a peek at my planner, I decided that these are things that have used up most of my time in past week or so when I wasn't on the road teaching at Prickly Fingers in Anderson SC or Cherokee Rose in Douglasville GA. Obviously, this doesn't cover it all, but it gives you decent idea. So here goes...

Longarm Quilting
I've just finished 3 quilts. Two were huge with digital edge to edge designs. One was small but custom quilted with rulers and free motion. So some fun variety to help hone my skills and keep me happy. I have a super quick turn around because I get stressed having things 'hanging over my head' so if you want to get a quote or send me a quilt for quilting, simply go here. Thank you!!

Pattern Updates
While it rarely happens, sometimes pattern files need to be fixed. While I was at the print shop earlier this week, one of my patterns was not printing out properly. The diagrams were showing up so light that I couldn't use them. So I called my sweet graphics person who promptly diagnosed the problem and had it fixed in a flash, and then I was back to printing gorgeous patterns again. If you were one of the folks who missed getting a copy of Piney Grove it's now available in the shop! Or just pop me an email and I'll take care of you.

Finishing Sew Your Stash Along
Because I've been sewing in real time along with the groups and friends that are doing my Sew Your Stash Along I am finally sewing the next (or bonus) border on my quilt. I need mine to be king size and it's finally getting there! Whew! Did you know that there are almost a dozen guilds across the US and Canada that are sewing along with us? Some of them are doing it as a mystery, so SHHHH.

Pattern Writing
I've several patterns at the graphics person right now getting their diagrams and layouts perfected. I've made a couple of the quilts and one is still in progress, but all that means is that you will have some new patterns to choose from very soon. This is my favorite part of the job I think, sewing and creating and then releasing the fun into the world!

New patterns mean that I need to get in touch with my distributor about getting them into shops across the country. I currently have Checkers distributing my patterns, but am considering going with some additional sources. This takes time, research, and making new contacts, etc. This typically gets pushed to the back burner as it is not really all that fun.

Travel and Shipping
I've been busy booking air travel and planning road trips for my upcoming teaching events. I've got a system for this that works pretty well. When I travel by air, I need to have my books shipped ahead to meet me there. Unfortunately, shipments that were meant to go to other locations ended up at my house. Sigh. One more thing to take care of and it's an expensive error.

Signing Contracts
I've been emailing and chatting with folks who already have signed contracts for teaching events in the next couple of years, and I'm always receiving new contracts for new events and sorting out the details. I have a few open dates for teaching this fall, and I'm am quickly filling my 2020 calendar. Please go here to see if I'm available for your group. You can get all my teaching information here. I would love to visit your guild or shop or group!

Piecing this quilt
In an attempt to do more sewing 'just for fun' this year, I've been slowing sew these tiny blocks and trying to decide how to set them into a cheerful quilt. I love big quilts from tiny pieces, but you already noticed that I bet. LOL

Contemplating next book options
In the publishing world, it takes a year for a book to be released after all the quilts have been made. So I've got to decide which direction I want to go for the next book and who I want to publish it. I know it seems crazy to think about this because I've just released my second book a few months ago, but time is ticking and decisions need to be made. I have several ideas, and I want them all to happen eventually, I just need to decide what should be next and then get going on it. I'm considering self publishing and an international publisher. So the work load will be significant, but exciting and challenging. What to do, what to do?

Congratulations for making it all the way to the end! I'm impressed that you are still here. And seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a friend, for supporting my adventures and for going along on this fun fabric odyssey with me. Quilting is so much more fun with friends. Thanks for making this blog and what I do possible with your words of encouragement and enthusiastic support. I am sincerely grateful to have a job that I love!



  1. Sounds like you are a busy lady, but so glad you are able to do what you love. I look forward to seeing your new patterns and what you have decided to do for your book! I decided years ago that I needed to keep my quilting fun, which for me, meant making what I want to make when I want to make it. I'm so glad that you are able to enjoy your quilting even with all the pressure to publish and make! I doubt you have been heard saying "I'm bored." So much to do and so little time! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about what you do!

  3. You are one busy person in front of the camera and behind the scenes! I always enjoy hearing what you're doing or plan on doing. Take a breath once in awhile.😉


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