Sunday, April 7, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions.. and Answers

How do I store my fabric?

Here's a post about my fabric storage system.

Where do I sew?

Here's a post about my quilt room renovation just before I got my longarm last year.

How do I choose colors for my quilts?

Here's a post about color planning a quilt.

How much fabric do I buy?

Obviously, too much! But here's a post on how I shop for fabric.

Do I quilt my own quilts?

You bet I do! I love my longarm but before that I quilted on my Janome.

Will I be visiting a guild near you soon?

See my teaching schedule here. And I would love to visit your guild! Get all the information you need here.

Do you have any other questions would like to ask? Leave them in the comments and I will share soon. Thanks again for going on this crazy quilting journey with me. Everything is more fun with friends.


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  1. Thanks for the wrap up. I was only going to look at one or two and come back later, but I wound up going to all of them. Nice refresher on how other people do all those fabric related things.


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