Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Making Better Choices Continued...

I've launched a new approach to my health and you can read the previous posts hereherehere and here. And I've realized we are overdue for an update. I have several reasons for sharing this publicly. One big reason is that it makes me accountable to you and to myself! Also, if it inspires anyone out there to think a bit more on their personal choices that's a bonus as well.

Quilt world demographics tell me that most of my readers are women, and most of them are relatively near the same stage in life as I am (let's loosely define that as middle age, okay?) At this point in life, hormones and physical changes are not always working in our favor, if ever, am I right?

While I rarely gave much thought to my health the first 40 years of my life, it was because I was active and never struggled to maintain a healthy weight. I enjoyed healthy foods. Then I had some issues that required surgery, medication, etc. And ever so slowly, I noticed extra pounds adding up, energy levels going down, and overall wellness just wasn't a given anymore. So I decided to make some changes in order to regain my health and feelings of wellness. So how am I doing since our last check in?


I've not been tracking my eating with the My Fitness Pal App as well as I should have. With all the travel I've been doing it's really hard. I am getting better at recording everything when I am home and I think that helps me be more mindful of what my food choices contain. So that's good. While I haven't lost any real weight in the last month, I am still down about 20 lbs from where I started and that great!


It's the rainy season in Georgia so I haven't been hiking or walking at all. I did get TONS of steps in when we were on vacation in California! Also, I've joined a new Club Pilates that just opened not too far from my house. I've been going for one month and I can tell a huge difference already. Not in weight loss, but in muscle tone, balance and strength. Other than being REALLY SORE most of the time I'm not in class, I like it very much. I plan to continue to add in more walking if it ever stops raining. Speaking of rain, I've been using this daylight lamp for the past few months and I think it really helps.


Travel has been my biggest challenge. It's hard to get my daily steps in when I'm driving long distances or sitting on airplanes. Some days are much better than others. My travel schedule is really full through June, so I just need to continue to be mindful of doing what I can on the days that I can.
Computer time continues to be a challenge. I spend way more time at the computer than I want to but I'm trying to break it up with movement and activities. While I haven't managed to create much time for 'sewing for  fun' which is one of my goals, I have been busy making plans and sketching ideas. So if I do get a chance to sew, I know what I want to work on!

(All photos taken at Alcatraz from our visit last month.) 

  1. Continue to reduce sugar intake.
  2. Add more yoga and stretching to my exercise routine.
  3. Increase daily steps.
  4. Try setting a timer on computer time.
  5. Schedule 'sewing for fun' time.
So these are some specific actions I can take even when my travel schedule threatens to overwhelm me. Let me encourage you to write down some small specific actions you can do for your health. We all have fabric stashes that we need to live long enough to enjoy! Making small steps toward better heath is much easier that being overwhelmed by the big picture, don't you agree?

Enjoy every step, stretch, and stitch!


  1. Small steps is the only way I can achieve anything new. Good for you!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Diane, I too am at that age, and am doing these things: reduce salt, because I am sensitive to it, no sugar, no soda, increase steps...and drink lots of water!! Here we go...let's do this!

  3. I think we all could do better at monitoring these things and taking steps (literally) to improve. I need to lessen the computer time (but I so enjoy visiting everyone's blogs), eating better, and definitely getting more exercise. Now that Spring is hopefully arriving to stay, I plan to walk more and the garden work helps with the exercise too. So keep cheering us along and we'll do the same for you.

  4. Good for you! Right now I'm just trying to maintain.:)

  5. Good for you! Do you have a fitbit you use to track steps?

  6. I'm following some of your same goals and it is hard when traveling! Eating less sugar has continued to make me more energetic - good luck and keep it up!


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