Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sew Your Stash Along Step 8

Finished Size 84" x 84"

Adding the sashing to the Quilt:
  1. Cut two sashing strips 1 1/2'' x 70 1/2''.
  2. Cut two sashing strips 1 1/2'' x 72 1/2''.
  3. Sew the 70 1/2'' sashing strips to opposite sides of the quilt.
  4. Press toward the sashing strips.
  5. Sew the 72 1/2'' sashing strips to the remaining sides of the quilt.
  6. Press toward the sashing strips.
  7. The quilt will now be 72 1/2'' square.

Make the 6" blocks:

Each block is made from two 4 patches and two HST. The blocks shown are made from one background fabric and one color (green) for the 4 patches and one color (red) for the HST. These blocks could be made scrappy or from two fabrics and a background. I didn't have enough of any red or green so I made several combinations of blocks using 3-4 reds and 3-4  greens.

For each block:
  1. Cut one background strip 2'' x 8''.
  2. Cut one color strip 2'' x 8''.
  3. Sew these strips together lengthwise.
  4. Crosscut the strip set into 4 units 2'' wide.
  5. Sew these units into two 4 patch blocks.
  6. Pinwheel press the seams.

  7. Cut one background strip 3 1/2'' x 5''.
  8. Cut one color strip 3 1/2'' x 5''.
  9. Layer these strips right sides together and cut two triangles pairs using the 45 degree ruler.
  10. Sew these triangles together along the long side. Press toward the darker fabric.
  11. Arrange the 4 patches and the triangles as shown in the diagram. 
  12. Pinwheel press the seams.
Make 52 blocks.

Adding the blocks to the Quilt:
  1. Arrange the blocks as shown in the diagram.
  2. Sew two rows of 12 blocks and sew them to the top and bottom sides of the quilt.
  3. Press toward the sashing strip.
  4. Sew two rows of 14 blocks and sew them to the left and right sides of the quilt.
  5. Press toward the sashing strip.
  6. The quilt will now be 84 1/2'' x 84 1/2''.
If you missed a step or would like to join us now, the previous steps are found below. Please be sure to download and print the steps now as they will only be active on the blog until further notice. At some point, they may be removed for publication. An announcement will be made before that happens. 

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I would love to see photos of your quilts in any stage of progress, and I would love to see photos of the finished quilts (no matter how long it takes!) Remember, it's NOT a race, it's an adventure!
Thank you for sewing along with me. I hope you've had as much fun as I have!

Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. thank you very much for this quilt along I am loving it


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