Thursday, June 13, 2019

Last teaching trip for this spring...

My teaching schedule has had me on the road a lot so far this year. And my last teaching trip was so much fun! I flew to St. Louis to visit the Heartland Quilters and be one of 3 teachers at their retreat. I had a wonderful class full of talented quilters who made gorgeous versions of  "Under the Mistletoe."

We had so much fun sewing and flipping on paper, then playing with curves and putting it all together. I never tire of teaching this workshop and I am always surprised and impressed with the exciting versions that each of the fabric choices create.

I was lucky enough to be driven to and from the airport (as well and very well taken care of in general) by another C&T author Susan Marth.

She is as kind as she is talented and she even shared her shampoo and hair dryer with me. Never mind that I locked myself out of my room late the first night returning the hair dryer to her, so the entire guild got to see my polka dot pajamas when I went begging for help. Nothing like making a professional impression!!! hahaha

The other teachers were Karla Kiefner of Creative Bee Studios and Emily from Em's Scrapbag blog. Each one of Emily's quilts was bright and happy and gorgeous! I wanted to take photos of them all but I was too busy oohing and ahhing.

The flowers were beautiful! They were along all the walkways and I took lots of photos of them. Only once did I step off the path the take a photo, because I stepped on a black snake and I surprised it as much as it surprised me! After that I stayed on the walkways.

Many thanks to Heather and Susan and all of the amazing quilters of the Heartland Quilters. Thanks for some fun memories and lots of laughs. It truly enjoyed quilting with you! My flight home was delayed 8 hours due to horrible weather in Atlanta, but I finally made it home in the wee hours of the next morning. I was totally exhausted when I climbed into my own bed, but I dreamed about all of the fun I had and the amazing quilters I met.

Looking ahead, I have scheduled a couple of fun trips and some relaxation time home with my family for the summer. I plan to catch up on my sleep, go to Pilates on a regular basis, read lots of books, and make some new quilts of course!

My fall teaching schedule is almost full, but if you would like for me to visit your guild, please check my calendar HERE or email me HERE for more information.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. OMG!! LOL!! I really did LOL when you said you got locked out and looked so professional in your polka dot PJ's!!
    Love your quilt in black and white.

  2. Whew! What a weekends, locked out, snakes, airport delays, but definitely compensated with fun , new friends, and awesome quilts


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