Monday, July 8, 2019

What I learned at Handi Quilter Academy 2019

While I was in Utah at the Handi Quilter Academy recently, I learned (or was reminded of) some things about quilting that make me so happy to be a quilter. As a quilter, designer, and author, I'm thrilled to now be a longarm quilter as well.

I love teaching and traveling, but I also LOVE being a student. It was an amazing week in which my brain was packed full of new information. It was also a great week for getting over jetlag (I was only a few days home from Australia) and a wonderful time to hang out with some amazing folks.

Here are a few of the highlights of what I remember...

  1. That quilters are awesome people.
  2. That I can stitch out the area of my design in PSP.
  3. How to use micro fillers in a zentangle design.
  4. That I liked the hands on and simulator classes better than the lecture/demo classes.
  5. How to use my skew option for almost any shape.
  6. That the snack room was awesome but the meals were mostly just 'upscale cafeteria'.
  7. How to make lots of variations of  'ribbon candy' filler designs.
  8. That the teachers are so kind and helpful and willing to answer lots of questions.
  9. How to use the multi-point area.
  10. That I now know a lot more about the things I still don't know.
  11. How to quilt much better feathers.
  12. That I need to take a LOT more PSP simulator classes.
  13. How to connect designs into groups.
  14. That going on a shop hop on a bus of 40 quilters is really fun!
So now that I'm full of all of this amazing information, I super inspired to quilt! Did you see my last post about the longarm quilting sale I'm offering now through the end of July? Click on the longarm tab to the left for quilting form, and send me an email if you would like more information. I would love to quilt for you!

Enjoy every stitch,


  1. Hi Diane! Sounds like a fun quilty experience for sure! I've learned with a long-arm our learning is unlimited isn't it! My next goal to to expand myself to playing with more freesytle quilting....hope your summer is fun and filled with memory making with the kids. :)

  2. I forgot to ask you about your impressions of the other quilt shops you visited. I know you loved The Quilters Lodge (AKA Thimbles and Threads). What did you think of Quilts, Etc. And Pine Needles? LOL - I was thinking of you today as I quilted a simple stipple (on my Bernina) on a scrappy donation quilt. 😂

  3. Sounds like time well spent and super positive.

  4. Okay, for us non-longarmers, what is PSP? Glad you had fun and learned a lot.

  5. Thats great Diane! I can't believe you did this directly after your Australian vacation!!

  6. You are making me want to learn to long arm! In the meantime, I'll have to go look at the unquilted tops and decide what to send you. I've decided I absolutely can't start any new projects until I finish some more UFOs.


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