Thursday, August 29, 2019

August Reading List

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When I saw this book on the shelf at the library I snapped it up as fast as I could! I had heard so many good things about it and it lived up to all of my expectations. I loved the characters, the story, the magic, the mystery, and the fairy tale woven into the real life of this book. It was fun to read and the humor at times made me laugh out loud. It was charming and funny and sad and hopeful. You need to read this book!

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Wow, this book was really disturbing on so many levels and yet I really liked it! I find story lines of childhood trauma difficult to read and this book was filled with trauma! Yet, the way it was told and the descriptions were not too much for me. I wasn't overwhelmed but I was surprised and a little creeped out at times. While I enjoyed this book, I might suggest you read at your own risk! LOL

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Gail Tsukiyama is one of my all time favorite authors. I have loved every book I've read written by her and I think I've read them all! The Street of a Thousand Blossoms, The Samurai's Garden, and Women of the Silk are all books I would gladly read again. The characters and relationships are so well developed that I have clear pictures in my imagination of each of them. I love that she never over explains anything but leaves you satisfied. Her characters are also very easy to feel empathy for.

This book took place in China in 1946-47 during the Hundred Flowers Campaign and the repercussions that resulted for one family. It's no secret I love historical fiction, and this story had me cheering for and wanting to hug some of these characters. If you haven't read any books by this author please do yourself a favor and add one to your reading list.

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When looking for a book on CD to listen to in the car, I saw this book by Alice Hoffman. Another all time favorite author of mine manages to weave magic and mystery into every story she tells. Sometimes I just want a book that I know I'm going to get absorbed by and forget about everything else for a while. That is just the kind of book Alice Hoffman writes. Never predictable, always enjoyable. This book didn't disappoint.

I loved the setting in St. Thomas and then in Paris. I loved the characters and the relationships and how intertwined the lives of people become over the years. It was not only a story of love and heartbreak, but also of betrayal and forgiveness. It shows how families can love and hurt one another with every decision they make. Please read this book. And then go read every other book Alice Hoffman has written. I promise you will be so glad you did!

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This book made me laugh out loud several times. The stories and descriptions of the main character as he travels through remote villages in a mostly 'never before seen' automobile is a rollicking misadventure. He manages to get into and out of more trouble than you can possibly imagine. He's a lovable, if somewhat pitiful, fellow who decides that he needs to go on this journey after he suffers terrible losses in his life. I couldn't help root for him while I was rolling my eyes at him. I kept looking for symbolism and hidden messages, but ultimately, I just don't know what to think of this book. Glad I experienced it, but not sure I could recommend it. I would love to hear comments from anyone who has read this book!

Enjoy every story!


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  1. I am going to add some of these to my Goodreads list. I've been wanting to get back into the habit of reading fiction. As much as I love reading blogs...... I want to balance internet time with the kind of fiction you describe that you get lost in! Thank you!

  2. The Silent Patient freaked me out!! I did finish it, but would not re-read it; and i do re-read a lot...this is going on my donation pile and not in my library. I will definitely try "A Hundred Flowers" --sounds fascinating...
    I also read "State of Wonder" which I just loved and re-read...I loved most of Alice Hoffman's books, but reading the blurb on Amazon didn't draw me in somehow...maybe I'll try it from the library..;)))
    thanks for the reviews from your reading...hugs from another avid reader...usually a toss up--shall I read or sew hahaha Julierose

  3. Great list! I love Gail's books!!

  4. I liked The Silent Patient, but I had it figured out long before it was revealed.


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