Friday, August 2, 2019

Hello August!

I love August because it's the month my daughter was born. She and I have had so much fun this summer going to Pilates almost every day together. We have also enjoyed lots of smoothies and mani/pedi dates between her social schedule and my quilting.

I love the hot weather and the long sunny days. I love the easy going relaxed pace of August and how the sun shines long after dinner and greets me early in the morning. I love the crazy rain storms that blow through quickly.

I do NOT love that August is the month all three of my kids leave for college again. That never gets easier. Packing them up and sending them off sets the tears flowing. I will miss their messy rooms, piles of laundry, laughter and the constant coming and going of friends. I will miss baking cookies and muffins with them and making big dinners for them to devour. I will miss the shoes by the door and the general noise and chaos.

I took July "off" from making any big decisions about work, travel, or any quilting related issues. I have continued to book quite a few more teaching engagements (thank you so much!) and should probably let you know that I'm booking teaching dates in 2021 but still have some 2020 dates available, but contact me soon if you want to reserve a date, my calendar is filling fast.

I've enjoyed quilting for so many of you that took advantage of the longarm quilting sale I offered in July. That was such a smashing success that I quilted a quilt almost every day in July! I plan to offer another quilting sale this fall at some point. I continue to have a one week turn around so if you want me to quilt for you, let me know!

For now, I'm going to enjoy every minute I have left with these 3 kids. I'll continue to go to Pilates with Kelly and quilt and read a few more good books. I hope you are enjoying what's left of your summer break and find some time to relax and savor it.

I've been sharing lots of photos on my Instagram account. So follow me there for daily updates.



  1. Hi Diane-

    Hey that quilt looks familiar!! Again, thank you for the wonderful job you did and the super quick turn around. I love how it turned out.


  2. Kids just grow up too fast, don’t they? I don’t believe the tugging on the heart strings ever goes away, even when they’ve started their own families. But we wouldn’t have it any other way...

  3. I hope your August is wonderful and the departures get easier! Our oldest son has been living at home for the past two years while he went back to school. Now he's finished with school and looking at jobs, hoping to move to Colorado. Sigh.

  4. Very bittersweet! I love summer too.


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