Friday, August 9, 2019

Seeing Stars.. a new sew along starting in September

Last year's medallion sew along was such a smashing success (thanks to each and every one of you who sewed along with us, including 5 guilds across Canada and the US who are still sewing along!) local guild has asked me to lead another sew along this year. (No good deed goes unpunished! LOL)

What's New?

A different approach. Not a medallion, not a row quilt. This quilt will be made into panels, that are then sewn together. You choose what size quilt you want to end up with and then you will sew the number of units you need to make the total number of panels required for that size. Confused yet?

Not to worry, it will all be made completely clear as follows:

Mini- make one unit per month to complete 1 panel

Throw- make 6 units (blocks) per month to complete 6 panels

Twin- make 8 units (blocks) per month to complete 8 panels 

Queen- make 15 units (blocks) each month to complete 15 panels

How the schedule will work:
The first Thursday of each month at 8 am EST a post here on the blog will give the block with complete cutting and sewing instructions. Sometimes the block will be a set of flying geese or a set of four patches sewn into a row. You will sew the number needed for the size quilt you want to end up with. We will then sew the panels into a quilt.

Not all of the panels are identical. Some are flipped or rotated. Some have minor variations. These options will be given with each step so that your quilt will have a personality all its own! Don't like one of the units? Make your own variation! I highly ENCOURAGE you to make this quilt fun for you! If that means avoiding flying geese, then don't make any! Make four patches instead. Mix it up along the way.

There are several arrangements for assembling the panels. This allows the quilt to not look like it repeats. You can sew your panels in all different variations, then arrange the panels in any order you like. Or you can follow the steps exactly and have your quilt look just like the diagram. Do what makes you happy!

Who wants to SEW ALONG with us? Remember, just a few blocks a month, then by next summer we will have a finished quilt! So start thinking about what colors and fabrics you would like to use. Think about what size works for your schedule. Do you have any large scale prints that would look good in the unpieced strips in each panel?

As for me, you know I'll be sewing scrappy! I will probably use fat quarters and lots of colors! But I haven't decided yet.

Yardage Requirements and supply list will be provided at the beginning of September. 

Don't forget previous sew alongs that can be found HERE with all the instructions included.

Leave a comment if you plan to sew along...the more the merrier!



  1. I hope to join this sew along! Happy Stitching!!

  2. this looks great--I've never participated in a sew-along--thinking on it--am very triangle challenged mine would definitely be "wonkified"...hugs, Julierose

  3. I'd love to sew along and use my scraps! Scrappy all the way!

  4. It looks like it will be great fun!

  5. Replies
    1. Yay, Karen! Did you know you're a no-reply blogger? I couldn't respond to you personally because of that. It's super easy to change, just google the video tutorial. That's how I did it! LOL

  6. Wow, I’m really looking forward to this one! I’m going to shop my stash and narrow down the possibilities. Let the countdown begin!

  7. Great looking quilt! When I first saw that it was a sew along, I said "nah, too many other quilts in progress." But after reading your description of the process, I think I can handle it! I'm already thinking large scale prints in the center of the variable stars...flamingos, maybe?

  8. Would love to join in and use my stash.

  9. Being still a non-confindent beginner and never having done a sew along, I think I may like to try this. I am looking forward to it, as I do have a huge stash for such a beginner.

  10. I may have to join you on this SAL. It will be a great way to use stash....but then it could be an excuse to enhance.

  11. Ooh I'd like to sew along *hoping I'm not over committing myself again!!!

  12. Oh yippee I am joining along; this is going to be fun! I will probably use my scraps. Thanks so much.

  13. I am in. Looking to share with my Sewinig group for more fun. Thank you. Love your patterns

  14. I can't wait to get started - just have to pick my color scheme from about a dozen options!
    Please check the Twin # of panels - I think it should be twelve (12) not nine.

  15. I love sew alongs and will have a blast joining in on the fun!!!!

  16. I'd love to sew along with you, or behind you. haha!

  17. I can't wait to get started...thanks so much for hosting!

  18. I am planning to join this quilt along!

  19. I am late in responding, but I would like to participate in this quilt along.

  20. I just found your site and it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing. I'm in. Now I have to decide whether scrappy (which I have tons of) of more planned.

  21. How do I subscribe by email? I want to join your sew a longs.


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