Monday, August 12, 2019

Seeing Stars Sew Along ... before we start

Before we begin the SEEING STARS SEW ALONG, here's some basic information.

Panel Size 18 ½’’ x 27 ½’’ (before sewn into quilt)

The quilt size options are as follows:

Mini- 18’’ x 27’’ (1 panel)
Table runner- 18’’ x 54’’ (2 panels)
Wall- 54’’ x 54’’ (6 panels, set 2 x 3)
Throw- 54’’ x 72’’ (8 panels, set 2 x 4)
Twin- 72’’ x 81’’ (12 panels, set 4 x 3 vertically)
Queen- 81’’ x 90’’ (15 panels, set 3 x 5)

Fabric Requirements

One background option- ½ yard background per panel
2 color option- ½ yard of each color per panel
3 color option- ½ yard background, ¼ yard of 2 other colors
Fat quarter option- 2 backgrounds, 2 additional
Scrappy option- 1 yard of scraps
Focus Fabric option- ½ yard per panel (for fussy cutting)

Multiply the fabric choice by the number of panels you will need to make the size you want.

For example: A throw (8 panels) quilt with one background and fat quarters would need 4 yards background (8 x 1/2 = 4) and 16 fat quarters (2 x 8 =16)

Note: the yardage given is generous to allow for variations and substitutions. If you are making a larger quilt, you can easily reduce the amount of fabric needed as you will have some left over after each step.

While it is difficult to calculate fabric for this quilt because there are so many options, and variations and the background fabric can be swapped at any time for the other fabrics, this math is generous to accommodate all (hopefully) of the possible options.

That being said, I know you will use your best judgement, and hopefully shop your stash first! And remember, any leftovers can be pieced into your backing!

Focus Fabric:
This is not required, but those of you choosing to use a large print or focus fabric will notice that there will be options for this throughout the steps. Keep in mind, that the extra yardage for this allows for fussy cutting motifs or areas to feature throughout the quilt. You may choose to use your background fabric as your focus fabric as well. If you are using a light background, and choose to use it as your focus fabric, you'll end up with a low-volume quilt.  If you have a yard or two of a fabric you would like to use as a focus fabric but are worried you won't have enough, don't worry, just use it until it's gone, then substitute other fabrics. Once it's arranged in the final quilt, it will still sparkle!

Each step has options offered. This is so that you can add as much variety as you like. You can choose one option for a step, or you can choose several. You might want more consistency in your quilt therefore will make all of your star blocks the same. Or you may want variety and make all of them different. Perhaps you will make the star blocks the same but swap out fabric placement. This is entirely up to you! Your sew along, your rules! 

Please remember that I encourage you to make your own choices and variations so that you will be happy with your quilt. I am NEVER offended by someone making changes or alterations. That's the beauty of quilting, there are so many options!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Yes, you may share this sew along with your guild or group. Please credit me with links to my blog and/or website if you do. 
  • Yes, please share your progress on your blog, website, facebook, or instagram. I would LOVE to be tagged so I can see the fun! 
  • If sharing on social media, please use #seeingstarssewalong and #butterflythreadsquilting so everyone can enjoy the fun. 
  • Start sharing your fabric choices as soon as possible!
  • If you want to share but don't know how, send me an email and a photo and I'll be happy to do it for you! My email is butterflythreadsquilting (at)
  • I reply to every single email unless you are a no-reply blogger. If you don't get a response from me, you need to change your settings so I can! Google a youtube video on how to do that, it's not hard!

The schedule will be as follows:
September 5- Step 1
October 3- Step 2
November 7- Step 3
December 5- Step 4
January 2- Step 5
February 6- Step 6
March 5- Step 7
April 2- Panel Assembly
May 7- Quilt Assembly
June 4- Grand Finale

Now go collect your fabric, print out the instructions, and find a box, basket or bin to tuck all of this into. Getting and staying organized is key to making this sew along a success!

See this post for the first announcement.
For a printable version of this information click HERE.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I am so tempted, but I know I probably can't keep up. I know, I can do as many panels as I want, but I'm gone for February and March and I have so many unfinished QALs and mysteries already, including one of yours. We'll see.

  2. Your quilt alongs are so interesting and fun. I have shared your links with


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