Sunday, September 29, 2019

September Review

Pattern Sale

The month started with a celebration and a PDF download Pattern sale in my online shop. All download patterns are HALF OFF until the end of the month (better hurry!) Just use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY (all caps no spaces) at checkout to get the savings. And a HUGE thank you to the many of you who have already enjoyed the sale. Every penny goes to the Knott Family College Fund*


I celebrated my 53rd birthday on September 7th. Did you know that I was born on my sister's fifth birthday? Thankfully, I don't think she minds too much. LOL It was a quiet day and I got lots of love from those who matter most, so I consider myself a lucky girl indeed. And then I got a bonus trip to the beach while I was in Alabama visiting a guild and teaching a workshop.

Step 1

Seeing Stars Sew Along started with a 'big bang' at the beginning of the month. I have had so much fun seeing all of the progress and colors and fabric choices on social media and in my email inbox. We have loads of folks sewing along with us from Europe, across North America and even in Australia. If you are sewing along from another far off location, we would love to hear from you and celebrate your progress with you. Warm up your rotary cutters and sewing machines, Step 2 will be revealed later this week!

Free Download

Spin Cycle had been an idea in my brain that turned into a free pattern when I finally made the EQ7 pattern. Print out your copy and start using up those jelly rolls right now!

Social Media Stars

These 3 pups of mine make sure I'm never lonely. I'm amazed at how they are always within inches of me when they have a whole house to roam about. They do make me feel loved and they always get the most 'likes' when I share their sweet faces on Instagram.

New Pattern in the Shop

I added a new little Table Runner Pattern to the online shop. It's a variation of the Pumpkins in the Patch pattern but quick and easy and only $3 while the sale lasts. You can whip this up in time to enjoy it all month long before Halloween and then on into November.

Quilting Like Crazy

I've quilted a dozen customer quilts this month as well as two hospice quilts. A sweet customer from the shop I work at is battling bone cancer. Her hospice nurse says there isn't much time left, so a friend (another longarmer) and I asked her if we could finish some of her quilts for her. It's not much, but it's a small kindness that means a lot. I'm going to miss her smiling face walking through the door of the quilt shop.

Coming Soon 

I will be flying to Michigan next weekend to visit the PALS (Patchers at the Lake Shore) guild for some fun and workshops. Then I'll be busy traveling and teaching at guilds here in Georgia for the duration of the year. While I love meeting quilters from all over, I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for a couple of months. I'm already planning which quilts I want to sleep under. ;)

Don't Forget

The SALE ends when September ends, so go grab your patterns and get great savings before it's too late. I don't run sales often, so this may be your last chance this year.

Whew, it's been a busy month! I must say I was busy doing lots of things that bring me joy, I hope you found yourself doing the same. Now go get ready for Step 2!

Enjoy every stitch!

* Knott Family College Fund: For those of you that have missed it, I have have 3 amazing kids all in college at the moment. My passion for quilting helps support their education. Every penny made from this quilting business of mine goes to Berry College, UGA and VT. They are just as grateful as I am. Thank you so very much for your support!


  1. So sorry about your friend with cancer. It is always hard.
    My lecture money goes toward my mission trips, but sadly none on the calendar for 2019 and possibly 2020! :(

  2. Happy Belated! Looks like you've been busy. What sweet pups you have!
    I'm so looking forward to my 2 months off too!

  3. I finally got a photo of my Step 1 blocks posted to Instagram. That's a major achievement for me. Don't forget to take your insect repellent to MI. They have an outbreak of EEE so don't venture outside with protecting yourself from mosquitoes.

  4. Things have certainly kept you very busy. Your front porch definitely looks like fall, but still probably very warm.


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