Monday, October 21, 2019

Free Quilt Patterns

Free pattern here.

Everyone loves free stuff! Did you know that I have loads of free patterns and tutorials on this blog? I get asked for them quite frequently so I thought I would share them again. You can find them any time by clicking on the "Tutorials" link on the side of the page. (If you are viewing on your phone, you can choose the cross bar and scroll to the Tutorials option, then click.)

Free pattern here

Free pattern here.

Free pattern here.

Free pattern here.

Free name tag holder pattern here.

There are loads more patterns for quilts, mini quilts, blocks and pincushions. There are tutorials for how to build design walls to ironing board covers and more. Go check them all out here.

If you are looking for a quilt pattern that you can't find, it means it found it's way into one of my books or patterns. I am not allowed to offer my book patterns separately due to publisher agreements. So any of these patterns can disappear at any time if they are included in a future book. Be sure to download and print what you want while it's still available.

I'm happy to offer these as I always love sharing quilting ideas and inspiration. I hope you find something that you want to stitch!

Enjoy every stitch,

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  1. Diane, you are ever generous to provide such fun and free designs. Thank you for sharing!


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