Thursday, November 21, 2019

10 Minute Tip...Quilt Progress Checklist

As we approach the end of the year, it's always important to look back and look ahead. I've developed a printout which you can get here to help with this process.

I know we've all started more projects than we've finished this year. How do I know this? I spend a lot of time with fellow quilters and they all say the same thing...


And most quilters say it like it's a sin. I hear you and I'm here to help you! Print out this list and then take a minute, (not to feel guilty or overwhelmed) but to just honestly assess your own situation. Then do the following:

1. Get Started. Fill out the list with the information indicated. Name, size, etc. Under special notes, list anything that needs to be purchased or prepped.

2. Let it Go. Now cross out everything on the list that you no longer want to finish. Just cross it out! You have my permission and if the quilt police show up, blame it on me! The fabrics, kits, supplies etc, can be separated and stored with your stash according to color (or whatever method you use.) I've done this many times and it's very liberating, trust me! Even better, pass it on to a friend or charity and make more room for the things that you do want to work on!

3. Set Priorities. Now number the items according to the order in which you hope to finish them. Do any of them have deadlines like a special occasion? Then I suggest put them in order of most progress made. Those that are closest to being finished can be completed first. Having a few quick successes is very motivational.

4. Be Realistic. Then look at your list. Is it a hot mess now? Print a new copy of the list and rewrite your list in order. And keep in mind that this isn't a final solution. You are in charge of the list. You can edit, cross off, renumber and rearrange the list accordingly.

You can do this!

This is meant to be a tool to help you, not overwhelm you. You are in control of this list, not the other way around. Display it on your design wall or somewhere you can easily see it. Be proud of yourself every time you check off a finished task or complete a project.

Lists are my love language. I make lists every day. I get a deep satisfaction in my soul when I check items off a list. I have zero guilt when I cross things off that I no longer wish to accomplish. 

I wish you great success with your lists! Feel free to share photos of your lists or projects on social media and tag #BTQchecklist so we can all encourage each other.

You can do this!


  1. I'm a big list maker too and never hesitate to give a UFO away if it isn't bringing me joy.

  2. Great tips! I love a good list as well!

  3. One year my small quilt group had a yearly challenge to finish one UFO a month. This challenge kept me energized to finish some projects during that year. I did finish 12 quilt tops during that year, although they need to be quilted (one thing at a time)! Thanks for the list; I need to finish a few more UFOs!

  4. I'm always making lists. Its good to remember that a list can always be changed. I'll copy your form tomorrow. Thanks.

  5. I use a similar list, but it's stored in Evernote. It helps me keep tabs on the size of the quilt and the status of completion. I also make note of whether I've already purchased the backing, batting, and binding, so I know which quilts can be finished up quickly once the quilting is completed. I also keep 8 x 5 note cards in my sewing studio, with a list of priorities for the year. That helps me stay focused when new projects are tempting me!

  6. Making a list of quilts is a great idea - I have one and it really helps remind me of where each quilt stands and makes it easy to pick the next project without digging through the sewing room. I use a spreadsheet so that I can make changes and add and subtract without having to rewrite it.

  7. I know I should do this, but I resist because it would be just too overwhelming. Sort of like trying to clean up the spare bedroom. Where to start and where to put stuff while you figure out how to rearrange it. It's easier to just sit at the machine and sew more scraps!

  8. 15 new starts-all finished. 19 UFOs finished. Another UFO brought to finished top yesterday. Another new start yesterday. 2 new starts came to finished tops yesterday.

    I'm having a wonderful time sewing this year!!!

    I run a list in Excel each year. Yes, a list is VERY helpful for a quick peek at progress.


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