Thursday, December 12, 2019

Holiday Favorites Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Holiday Favorites Blog Hop hosted by Lori of Humble Quilts! I'm so happy to share the fun of this holiday celebration. I'm so excited to share the fun of the holiday season and our shared love of all things quilting.

Anyone who has ever been to my house knows without a doubt, that a quilter lives here! Many years ago, when I finished making quilts for each bed, I started making Christmas quilts for each bed. I always swap out the Autumn quilts the day after Thanksgiving and instantly the house starts to feel like Christmas. Here they are, waiting on the railing. That's a peek at my Dear Jane quilt hanging on the wall in the back.

Obviously, the quilts are not limited to the beds in my home. I always have one on the dining room table. This is my Piney Grove pattern. I love how festive it is and how the design isn't interrupted by the centerpiece. I planned that. LOL And I drape a garland on each light fixture to add a little cheer.

And then there are little ones scattered about on table tops and more are folded up ready to be used for snuggling. My collection of old wooden bowls comes in handy for holding extra ornaments.

The tumbler table runner is also from my shop. It's also the same template for the mini in the photo above.This size is perfect for a charm pack and I can't even remember how many of these I've made and gifted! 

The little hand quilted tree quilt was made by my dear friend Mary Ruth. She's gifted me many small quilts that I enjoy using for seasonal decorating.

This is an old stereo cabinet (remember those?) from my parents. I discovered that it fits quilts and is just the right size for this odd little corner in my house. Win, win!

This is a tiny twister that I added a couple of layers of batting to and I use it to set the hot pie on when it comes out of the oven. It's good to be prepared!

And if the quilts aren't enough to get us in the holiday spirit I have a collection of Jim Shore Santas all featuring quilt designs. For many years, I bought or was given one a year. Now I have enough to scatter them everywhere because the collection has outgrown the mantle!

Our Christmas tree even has some quilted ornaments from friends and a few Jim Shore Santa ornaments as well. Most of our Christmas ornaments come from our travels. We try to pick up an ornament or two on every vacation or adventure we take. It's a fun travel reminder of good times that we've had this year, and for many years in the past.

Other than the quilts, Santas, and tree, I keep it pretty simple. After years of hauling storage bins in and out of the attic, I decided to streamline a bit. Years ago, someone said that if you focus on the tree, the mantle, and the table you're decorating is complete. I agree.

My daughter and I did however, make this wreath a couple of years ago by hot gluing almost every round ornament we could find to a wreath form. We had so much fun, and aside from a hot glue disaster or two, we are really proud of the result.

I also add jingle bells to the door handle and they give a holiday welcome to everyone who visits! And Santa that I made almost 20 years ago still sits and watches from the front hall.

But honestly, my favorite part of the holiday decorating is what my husband does. He lights up the outside of the house so it looks simply magical. He's gotten to the point in life that he hires someone to do the roof peaks (for which I am so thankful!) Several neighbors on our street go together to hire the same company and in one day, our entire neighborhood becomes a Christmas village!

(Christmas 2014 when Boomer was a baby!)

We will be home for the Christmas holidays as usual, and I'm so looking forward to time with my 3 college kids! Wherever you spend you Christmas, I hope it's filled with love and warmth and lots of quilts! Now go visit the other stops on the hop...

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Enjoy the HOP!


  1. Your Christmas quilts are amazing! What a good idea to make bed quilts for each bed to put on right after Thanksgiving. I'm afraid I am sorely lacking in that department. I do have several Christmas wall hangings. I will add "Christmas bed quilt" to my list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What beautiful quilts! Thanks for the tour. And I love how many lights are on your tree. Enjoy that time with home from college kids. I remember how much I loved those days.

  3. Do you remember the pattern for the quilted Santa?

  4. Yes! I know what a stereo cabinet is!! LOL I have an old TV cupboard that stores many of my quilts.
    On the banister, the quilt on the left- I'd like to see more. It looks intriguing!! Thanks for participating in the blog hop! I love your home!!

  5. Your home is beautifully decorated with all of your fabulous quilts. I like the advice of decorating the 3 areas, the tree, mantel, and table and calling it good. The wreath you made with your daughter is gorgeous and I'm glad your husband is not living dangerously anymore! Merry Christmas.

  6. I loved seeing all your decorations and the special touches that make your house a home!

  7. There's so much charm and inspiration in your beautifully decorated home! Thank you for sharing all your goodies with us!

  8. Thanks for the tour of your home. Everything looks fabulous! I love your Christmas quilts and they've inspired me to make some of my own (but not this year!). Merry Christmas!

  9. Your home is a Christmas wonderland with all your quilted treasures. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful home all ready for the Holidays!! Enjoy and be merry.

  11. Amazing! I'm going to make tiny quilts as you have to add more festiveness to the house. Yours is wonderful. Love, love that quilt on the dining room table. I'm off to buy your Piney Grove pattern as my birthday gift to me. Blessings!

  12. Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family. I really like the small Christmas tree quilt, they are all fabulous. Merry Christmas

  13. Your house looks lovely, just like one from the American movies we love to watch here in the Netherlands.

  14. Thanks for sharing all your Christmas quilts and decorations! I need to get busy and make more Christmas quilts!

  15. Thank you for the inspiration. Happy Holidays to you. How do we follow your blog? I don't see where the "blogger" subscription is?

  16. amazing collection of Christmas quits! wow
    your home is gorgeous all around and your kids and pets are beautiful too!
    Merry Christmas Diane

  17. Thank you for sharing your Christmas! Your quilts are amazing and definitely make your home look like Christmas!! The best is when all the kids come home to share the holiday!! Merry Christmas!!

  18. Lovely home and quilts of all sizes. I may have to copy the Christmas tumbler tabletopper. Darling!

  19. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous tree and holiday surroundings. What a treat!


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