Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Quilt Retreat Review

I just spent another weekend on retreat with my guild. It's a group I've been going on retreat with for over 20 years now! Some of the folks have changed over the years, and we have moved locations a few times, but the fun and friendship is always so special. The weather is usually typical January and Georgia, cold, rainy and generally miserable though the sun did peek out a few times.

We have been meeting at the Charlie Elliot Nature Center for a few years now. The sewing room is amazing and the rooms are clean. The beds are mostly comfy (though I had a doozy of one last year!) and while others like the food there, let's just say it is 'fiber and vitamin free'. If you like southern food cooked beyond recognition, you'll love it. I brought my own cans of soup and few leftovers from home and enjoyed them very much!

I've also learned that I sleep better with my own flannel sheets, cotton blanket and handmade quilt of course! I build my little 'nest' and that helps me feel nice and cozy! A good book, snacks, tissue and a bottle of water make sure I've got everything I need. 

I do the same with my sewing station. I organize everything within reach so I can sew a mile a minute while I chat and visit with friends. Multi tasking at it's best! I made almost all of the blocks for a new quilt and got lots of advise from friends! hahaha

The cell service is very unpredictable and almost non existent there, so we are forced to be removed from the outside world all together. That is good and bad for various reasons. I am happy to report that the family and fur babies survived just fine without me and were all very happy to see me when I returned home! LOL

You can read about my many other retreat adventures HERE.

It's good to be home.



  1. Your retreat sounds a lot like mine, Diane. Our food is better. Beds... eh, not so much. I always bring my own pillow and a quilt. No cell service but we do have (somewhat dicey )wifi. We have also been retreating for over 20 years! The camaraderie is what brings us back, year after year.
    I love the quilt on your bed!
    Don't feel bad abour moderating comments. I've had to resort to this as well.

  2. Bringing all your bedding is such a great idea!! Especially when its chilly!!

  3. Oh what fun! We all need a good retreat every now and then. Looks like you very productive as well!

  4. Looks like a fun retreat! I love taking a quilt to a retreat too. Somehow you sleep better.....


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