Monday, February 24, 2020

Homespun Hearts in Huntsville

I really enjoyed my visit to Huntsville, AL last week. The Heritage Quilters are almost 300 strong and they are an enthusiastic and friendly group. I enjoyed every minute with them.

We had a fun trunk show "If Quilts Could Talk" which is a variety of quilts from my collection that have fun stories to tell. Sometimes the stories are what the quilt was inspired by, memories from the making of it, or adventures the quilts have had along the way. Sometimes my quilts live a much more exciting life than I do. It's always a fun way share quilts and their stories. And I always use one on the hotel room bed!

We had a RULERPLAY workshop the next day. It is an intense workshop filled with LOTS of information, concepts and ideas. We look at the quilts that have been quilted using rulers and talk about how that is accomplished (which rulers and quilting paths). We also explore options for quilting tops that are brought to class. And, of course, we sit down and get to business of quilting with rulers. We practice filling spaces, changing directions, and the best hand placement for holding different rulers. I share handouts with all of the info we cover, so that it can be referred to once they go home and start quilting.

On Saturday, we loosened things up quite a bit and enjoyed a variety of skills and techniques for Homespun Hearts. We cover different cutting and piecing methods for both half square triangles and flying geese. We touch on needle turn applique and wool applique using several different stitches. We even spend some time doing big stitch hand quilting and how to combine it with machine quilting for a fun effect.

This sweet quilt has so many opportunities for personalizing and I love seeing some of the options that are explored. Combining skills and creativity in new and fun ways is what quilting is all about.

I even got to stop in Rome GA on my way home Saturday night and have dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend! Obviously I needed some coffee and cake to keep me awake for the final portion of the drive.

It was a really fun road trip. The snow and beautiful scenery, along with the wonderful quilters, and seeing my girl made it really magical. I'm so lucky to have a job I love and get to see my kids as a bonus!

Image result for map of virginia blacksburg
Now, if a guild in Virginia could just invite me, I could see my boy at Virginia Tech! I'll keep my fingers crossed, because I miss that kid a LOT!



  1. Oh how I wish I could see your trunk show! Wow!

  2. Now you’re 2 out of 3 for seeing kids this month! Maybe Danny will have a break soon to come home and visit? I wish I lived closer to take a ruler work class from you. They’re offering one at our UQSM show in May, and I do plan to take it. I bought a ruler foot for my Bernina last year. The teacher is the woman who teaches the BOM class I’m taking with my cousin and Quilts for Kids friends, so that’s nice. Glad you’re home safely! xo

  3. Goodness me, you certainly covered alot in your workshop. Would love to have been there. Even though I have been quilting for 30 years, there are always new things to learn, or new, easier ways to do things.

  4. Lucky Quilters and lucky you!!

  5. I really enjoyed your trunk show. You have some amazing quilts. I would have loved your classes but my husband decided we needed to flip a house and I had to help him. If I ever get another chance I will definitely sign up.

  6. I love how quilts have stories. How great to see your daughter, and oh my goodness does that cake look yummy.

  7. The Rulerplay workshop sounds like fun! Any chance there is another book in your future (for those of us who can't make it to one of your workshops)?

  8. I see Barbara in the front row hand stitching. Glad you had a great trip.
    I'm hoping to make it to that group in the future.


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