Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Quarantine Quilts

Like many of you, I've found myself at home with extra time to sew. I may have a few extra college kids to feed and to love on, but I also have several teaching trips that have been postponed. While I really miss my job that I love so much, it has given me time to do some creative problem solving and to quilt some tops that have been waiting patiently (some for years!)

Would you like to see a little show and tell of the quilts I've finished? Buckle up for a little time travel here folks...

Retro Triangles

I made this top at least 2 (maybe more) years ago. It is entirely half square triangles of feedsack reproduction prints and solid grey. I never could figure out what to do on the corner squares, and then I lost them apparently, so viola! The answer was to skip them all together. I think I cut out the hearts and leaves using my Accuquilt Go, but I only think that because they are all so perfectly the same, not because I actually remember. The fusible was wearing off, after years of storage, so I machine stitched them just inside the edges after the quilt was quilted. Problem solved. I have had a few requests for the pattern, so I will try to write up a tutorial for this soon. I do know the half square triangles finish at 2'' if you want to get started making your own version.

Kim Diehl pattern

I saw this quilt in a magazine and just HAD to make it. I love all of Kim Diehl's quilts, and this one really spoke to me. I'm sorry I don't remember the magazine but it's safe to say it's been out of print for years! I couldn't remember why I never quilted this, then I heard some crinkling when I was adding the binding. Yep, I had forgotten to take the freezer paper out from behind at least one of the flowers. Too late now. LOL

Raw edge circles

Remember when these were all the rage? I made this way back then and obviously I was in a pink mood. Now I'm sorry that I wasted so much great pink fabric on this quilt. But hey, maybe someone who loves pink will end up loving this quilt. I've got my fingers crossed! I got to use one of my new edge 2 edge designs on my longarm and think the quilting really helped the quilt. I also got to use up a purple backing that I bought for another quilt only to find out it was not right for that one. Bonus!

Log Cabins

This quilt is a real scrap disaster, but you probably already noticed that! Ha. I made this quilt from a photo of a vintage quilt that had 3 different size log cabin blocks. I couldn't remember exactly how it was set, so I just made some rows. I used red in almost all of the centers of the blocks, but they are really too scrappy to notice that. This quilt is HUGE. I do hope that whoever ends up with it smiles and appreciates the effort. I have visions of someone looking at this one day and thinking ...Bless her heart...about the quilter. HAHAHA

I've also had requests for the pattern for this one, so I will work on a tutorial for it as well.

I hope these bright quilts brought a little smile to your face. We are all in need of something to smile about these days. Please let me know if you have any questions or requests, I'm happy to share anything at all that might make your day a little brighter!

Stay home, wash your hands, and stay well my friends!



  1. fun and cheerful quilts - thanks for posting them! I love the log cabin!!!
    take care and stay safe

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts !! *
    Take care friend !!

  3. Your quilts indeed brightened my heart! Thank you for sharing them!

  4. You have been very busy. All of the quilts are happy bright quilts, prefect for right now. Congrats on all the finishes.

  5. Lovely quilts all of them!! Now I do like the log cabin myself...and those pink circles are great...and dare I ask how many triangles?? Yikers...amazing thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  6. I enjoyed your quilt show.. Thank you!

  7. Thanks! This really brightened my day and inspired me.

  8. What a great show and tell. Yours going to have a huge pile of quilts when the quarantine is over.

  9. Your quilts are awesome! Enjoy your quilting time and stay safe!

  10. Those are terrific quilts! Glad you are able to keep on quilting during this crisis!

  11. I've really appreciated your bright, uplifting posts during these days! Thank you! :)

  12. Retro Triangles is wonderful looking! Great finish. I love seeing the imperfect courthouse steps too. Makes for such an interesting look.:) Isn't it wonderful to have a good stash of fabrics on hand to keep us going?

  13. What awesome quilts! I love them all, especially the Kim Diehl quilt. Every time I see this quilt, I wish I had one for myself, but I don't think that I would be able to follow through with all of that applique. Are the flowers and vines all hand appliqued? Thank you for the beautiful little quilt show. I always admire your work.

  14. I've been home from my travels for a week now, so I'm finally ready to dive back into my interrupted Sewing stars quilt. Thanks for the mini quilt show.


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