Monday, March 16, 2020

Quarantine Tips and a Sale!

Lime Twist found in Strip Quilt Secrets

To the health care professionals out there on the front line...
Bless You...Thank You...Stay safe!

Diamonds Are Forever found in Strip Quilt Secrets

Hopefully, the rest of us are staying home and keeping ourselves isolated as much as possible. There have been many online comments about how a quarantine is a quilter's dream come true. We are forced to stay home and play with our fabric, undisturbed by the regular routines of life. If we are going to look on the bright side of this situation, we can embrace the extra hours of sewing and quilting. We can finish up a few projects that are in process, get a head start on gifts, or simply play with scraps and see what happens.

As a bit of encouragement to get your sewing motivation in gear, I'm offering free shipping on any paper patterns or signed books that you purchase from my shop through the end of March. All purchases will also include a free copy of Heartsy, as my way of sending a little extra love to you.

Just use the code SHIPFREE at checkout for no shipping.

As always, all PDF download patterns have no shipping. I will also send a PDF copy of  Heartsy to the email provided with your purchase. This may not be instant, as I will need to do it manually, but I promise to do it as quickly as possible.

And if  you are looking for a few simple things to do in your sewing room to make the most of your time, check out these 10 Minute Tips.

I'm considering posting the last two steps to our current Seeing Stars Sew Along a bit ahead of schedule for those that are ready to finish up. I don't want to rush those that aren't ready, but I also want those who are to be able to sew while they can! Let me know what you prefer in the comments.

Or you can choose from one of these many free download projects and patterns. Whatever you do during this crazy time, please be safe, wash your hands and take care of yourself!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Our business still will carry on as usual, so no extra hours at home for me. Take care.

  2. i would love to have the rest of the directions for the sew a long. This is only my second one and i am enjoying it ! Could use the extra distraction and time to finish. Have already started sewing together my waste triangles either for the back or a companion pillow

  3. I would love to get the additional directions. This is my second quilt along and have really enjoyed it. Alot is changing rapidly and i could use the distraction.

  4. We are home and self-quarantined (except for unrelated doctor visits today). We’re well-provisioned and healthy. It’s funny to me, in a weird sort of way, that I couldn’t really settle in to sew today. We did housework, laundry, a lot of news reading, etc. I did sew for about a half hour, but found it hard to focus. I hope my brain relaxes tomorrow! Stay safe, Diane! xo

  5. thanks Diane, we are in quarantine too, it's war said our let's sew! I think you can publish the next step of the QAL!

  6. Omg Diane, I just spent the last (??) minutes reading all your tips! My favorite is, sewing blocks together in vertical rows. Why didn't I think of that?? And I just ordered three of those lint brushes - one was not an option so I went ahead and got the three pack. What the heck. Thanks!

  7. Hi Diane, I continue to work from home but I'll still have more time to sew. So, yes! Thank you for publishing the last few steps. Take Care!

  8. I'm sure those who are ready for the next step will appreciate an early release. I return home on Fri, but I'm two steps behind so I'll catch up when I can.


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