Friday, March 13, 2020

Spring Break 2020

As many of you know, all 3 of my kids are in college. They each attend different universities and are each on a different schedule. So when all 3 of them (plus their cousin) had the same week off for spring break, we seized the opportunity!

We let them choose where they wanted to go and they chose Orlando! We spent two days enjoying all of the attractions in Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

The new (to us) Harry Potter attractions, both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley were wonderful. The rides were super fun (Hagrid's being our favorite!) and the shops and scenery and restaurants were all so wonderfully detailed to make the experience feel as if we were in the movie. Kelly and I had been to the actual studios in England where the movies were filmed so we had walked through the sets and learned all about the 'behind the scenes' details. So this was another fun way to experience the novels of my kids' childhood that we all love so much!

While the boys spent a day at the new Volcano Bay, the girls and I spent the day at the Mandara Spa. Flying down slides in a swimsuit is something I have done more times than I care to remember, so as a public service, I chose not to do that again this year. You are welcome. The spa day included massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. I was so relaxed by the time we got to the mani/pedi that I chose green and blue but though I was choosing two shades of grey. LOL

We also went to Icon Park that evening and ate at our favorite Yardhouse restaurant and walked around taking in the night lights and enjoying the warm breezes. It was so delightful.

We ended our last day of fun with the After Hours event at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was a magical way to spend our last night in Orlando. By this time, the news of all the park closures had spread and the employees were super happy to be getting 2 weeks paid vacation themselves.

News of the pandemic and resulting quarantine and travel advisories was a lot to process. We are always careful, but we were extra vigilant using hand sanitizer and wiping down all surfaces. I've always taught my children not to touch handrails, etc. so we were already in the habit of that.

The real challenge for us came when each of the kids found out their schools were closing or going online. My kids all LOVE their college experience. Friends, groups, classes and everything about their schools makes them so happy. There were some tears shed and lots of stress wondering what would happen. While we are thankful that they are attending schools that care enough to try and do what's best, it really is a lot to process. They thought they were going back to campus this weekend but they will all be staying home for a few weeks, or longer. This mom is super happy to get some extra time with her kiddos, but I do feel sad for them and the concern they feel about how their academics will be affected along with missing their friends.

So it was a wonderful, magical time together but tinged with some very bittersweet emotions at the end of the week. As a family, we are just so thankful to have time together to do the things we love and make some fun memories that will give us stories to tell in the future.

Please be safe and make good choices my friends!
(that's what I always say to my kids)



  1. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful spring break. All these changes because of the coronavirus pandemic are sobering, to put it mildly. The closest thing I have to compare to it is the gas rationing during the 1972 (‘73?) oil embargo. We are prepared for the most part. But my daughter lives in Seattle and the prices to get food (and TP) delivered are outrageous as they work from home. I keep telling myself that “this, too, shall pass” - as long as it’s the virus that passes and not any of my family or friends (yes, I’m selfish; aren’t we all?) Be safe. xo

  2. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy most of your vacation without the virus interruption. And now that you aren't working outside of the home you really will be spending more time with the kids. I'm sure the schools are trying to figure this out as we go.

  3. You really got a great vacation in, right under the wire. Great to make those memories! We have a son in college too, discussing what to do. They aren't completely closing down campus and he will probably stay there, as the time difference in Japan would mean online class in the middle of the night.

  4. You were so lucky to have this family trip! We were scheduled to fly to Florida from Seattle on the 9th but since we are ground zero (in the US) we decided to stay here. It's only gotten worse. The upside is the airlines, BnB's and hotels were super accommodating and for the most part we were refunded for everything. Stay safe!


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