Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another free quilt pattern for you...

Retro Triangles
54'' x 64''

8" block

Materials Needed:

Solid Fabric  3 3/4 yards
Light Prints   1 1/4 yards or (5 FQ)
Dark Prints    1 3/4 yards or (7 FQ)
Backing         3 1/2 yards
Binding         1/2 yard
Batting           62'' x 72''

Make 2 1/2" half square triangles using your favorite method.
(Details in my book Strip Quilt Secrets page 26 or Scrap Quilt Secrets page 95)

To make the blocks:

Make 6 half square triangles from light fabric and solid for each block.
Make 10 half square triangles from dark fabric and solid for each block.
Arrange the half square triangles in 4 rows of 4 as shown.
Sew the blocks into rows, sew the rows together.
Press toward the darker fabric.
Make a total of 50 blocks.

To make the setting triangles:

Cut 5 squares 10 1/2'' then cut them on the diagonal from corner to corner. Repeat cutting the opposite corner to corner. This will make 20 setting triangles. This quilt will only use 18 of them.
Fold the triangles in half to find the center line.
Fuse 1 heart and 2 leaves to the center of each triangle.
Be sure to leave at least 1" from the outside edge of the triangle for the quilting and binding.
Machine stitch around the applique if preferred.

To make the corner triangles:

My quilt did not include corner triangles, but you can to add them if you like.
Cut 2 squares of background fabric 10" and cut once on the diagonal.

Assemble the quilt:

Arrange the blocks and the setting triangles as shown in the diagram.
Sew the blocks and triangles in diagonal rows.
Sew the rows together. Trim the edges as needed.
Layer, baste, quilt and bind!

Click here for a printable version of the pattern.

Enjoy every stitch,

PS: for those of you who checked in to see the final step of the Seeing Stars Sew Along, it was revealed early for those who were ready to keep going, given the current situation. Go HERE to see the final step!


  1. Wow, love that quilt,especially with the black. Thank you sooo much. I love the triangles placed like that- never thought to do it by putting blocks on point, Thank you for sharing! Stay safe.
    Thanks so much, this one speaks to me......

  2. Thank you for this lovely quilt pattern. I hope that you and your family are well.

  3. Thank you for another beautiful quilt pattern ❤

  4. Thanks for offering another free pattern to your followers. This is one I would have to skip as I know all those triangles would drive me insane. But your generosity is much appreciated. I am making small steps of progress on Seeing Stars, though.


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